Yes, reviews matter to travellers and will help you gain trust and credibility. As a vacation rental owner or property manager, be sure to request a review from each and every guest who stays with you.
  • Travellers look for reviews; reviews from past guests give travellers confidence when booking your vacation rental.
  • Reviews aid in establishing trust and credibility. A vacation rental is a big expense for the average family. Prospective renters want to read reviews of your home from past guests to reassure them that the home is depicted accurately. Build instant trust with potential renters by getting past guests to write reviews of their stay at your home. We also encourage you to respond to less-than-positive reviews so that you can help other potential renters put the review into context.
  • Every vacation rental is different. Reviews are even more important for vacation rentals because the traveller isn't considering two or three brand name hotels; they're comparing vacation homes rented by individual owners.