Quotes get calculated using the nightly rate set up in your rates table. The price per night gets added together to get the basic stay price. For qualified bookings, if you offer a discount for a stay of over 7 or 28 nights, the percentage discount will get applied. Besides to the basic stay price, any extra fees you charge will get added to the quote.

If you require full payment in one installment, the guest will pay the full amount.

If you have set up your payment schedule to collect payment over two installments, the guest will pay as follows:
  • Payment 1 includes: the service fee amount, any applicable taxes, and part of the rental amount
  • Payment 2 includes: the remaining balance of the rental amount and your refundable security deposit
If you have set your payment terms up to require payment in one installment, and you receive a reservation request for a stay within 15 days, you cannot modify this schedule. This is because as we want to ensure the traveller pays in full before arriving at your property.