If you submitted a request to book with a property that indicates 24 Hour Confirmation, the property owner or manager has 24 hours to either accept or decline your request. You may withdraw your pending booking request at any time before it is either accepted or declined.  

To withdraw your pending booking request:
  1. Go to My Trips in your traveller account.
  2. Select the booking request you want to withdraw.
  3. Click Manage your booking.
  4. Click Withdraw booking request.
  5. Choose the appropriate reason code for withdrawing the request.
  6. Click Submit.
Once you have submitted your request, we'll send you an email confirming that your request has been successfully withdrawn. You can also confirm that the booking was withdrawn under My Trips in your traveller account. If it has been 24 hours since you submitted your booking request, or if it was already accepted or declined, the request can only be cancelled not withdrawn. Cancellations are subject to the property’s cancellation policy.