A listing's average review rating is calculated automatically based on the rating of each traveller submitted review published on a listing. Listings with at least three traveller submitted reviews display an average review rating. The listing's average review rating cannot be edited.

Encouraging past travellers to review your property can increase the listing's average review rating. Travellers can review your property anytime within one year of staying at your property.

Note: If the rating is closer to the half star rather than a full star, the display will be whatever it is closer to. For example, 4.66 shows as half star because it is closer to 4.5 than 5.0, whereas 4.8 rating will show a full star. To get all 5 stars, you should work on getting your rating at 4.75 or above.The review number next to the stars will display a value rounded to within one decimal place. In the example above, 4.66 would display as 4.7, along with four full stars and one half star.