Regulations on Holiday Rental Properties in the Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha

1. What are the tourist requirements that “holiday rentals” must meet before they are let out for the first time?


  1. Holiday rentals are defined as flats, houses, chalets or other similar properties, furnished and equipped on conditions of immediate use, which are marketed or promoted through tourist supply channels to be handed over temporarily and completely to third parties, habitually, for the purpose of holiday rental and in exchange for financial consideration.


  1. This service will be regarded as habitual when lodging is provided on two or more occasions per year, advertised on any type of marketing channel either owned or belonging to a third party.


  1. Holiday rental properties must meet the following minimum requirements and conditions:


  1. Comply with the regulations on habitability and safety for their residential use as housing.
  2. Confirm that the bylaws of the community of owners do not contain an express prohibition against the holiday rental activity.
  3. Have direct ventilation to the outside or patios, with blinds or a similar dimming system on the windows.
  4. Furnish and provide the property with all equipment and appliances necessary for their immediate use and according to the number of potential guests.
  5. Have heating and air-conditioning in the bedrooms and living room.
  6. Provide a first-aid kit.
  7. Clean the property upon entry and departure of new clients and bedding, linen, household items in general, according to the maximum occupation of the property, with a replacement set.
  8. Provide an iron and ironing board.
  9. Provide users with a telephone number in a visible place so that queries and incidents relating to the property can be attended to and resolved immediately.  
  10. Provide instructions for operating electrical appliances or other devices that require such instructions.
  11. Provide Internet Wi-Fi connection.
  12. Provide internal rules on use of the property’s facilities and accessories and on admission or otherwise of pets to the property, smoking restrictions and restricted use areas. 


  1. Holiday rentals shall have at the least a living-dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
  1. Their capacity will be determined by the number of beds in the bedrooms and by the number of convertible beds available in the living-dining room and in the bedrooms, taking the following into account:


  1. No more than 2 beds may be installed in the living-dining room and no more than 4 beds in the bedrooms, of which 2 must be proper beds
  2. Maximum capacity may not exceed that established in the first occupation licence or similar document and, if there is none, a maximum of 12 beds.


  1. The registration code from the register of tourist companies and establishments of Castilla-La Mancha must appear on all advertising and promotional or marketing material.
  1. Signs must be provided in compliance with the technical requirements of Annex VIII of the Decree.


2. From the tourist point of view, what additional requirements must my “property for tourist use” meet whilst I am renting it out?:


In addition to the above requirements, which must be complied with at all stages during the term of the tourist activity, you must take the following matters into account:


  1. Properties habitually used in the holiday rental activity may not be used as a permanent residence or for any purpose other than tourist use.


  1. Holiday rentals must provide tourist information on the area, a plan of the area, information on medical services, stores, food shops, leisure areas, restaurants and cafes, event guides as well as information on the closest or available parking in the area and public transport.


  1. The operator must state the individual price of each amenity. They shall always be final prices with all amenities and taxes included.


  1. Freedom of pricing. Prices will be advertised extensively and the individual price of each service will be stated. They shall always be final prices with all amenities and taxes included.
  2. The price will be determined according to the number of overnight stays, and includes water and energy supplies, air-conditioning, use of bedding and bathroom, and cleaning.
  3.  It is understood that payment must be made at the establishment itself and at the time when the invoice is presented for payment, in the absence of express agreement.
  4. During the reception procedure, the operator will give all users a document stating, at the least, the identification of the holiday rental company or operator, the registration code from the register of tourist companies and establishments of Castilla-La Mancha, the number of persons who will occupy the holiday rental, the entry and departure dates and the total price of the stay. The operator must keep the signed and completed document for 5 years.
  5. When handing over the holiday rental, the operator will tell the user how to operate the electrical equipment and other instruments, where necessary, and also the rules on use of the communal parts and facilities of the block or development and will give him the keys, cards and passes that allow him to have access to and enjoy these accessory parts.
  6. Client bookings must be confirmed by companies or operators by any means that enable confirmation and must state at the least the following:


  1. Identification of the establishment, giving the registration code from the register of tourist companies and establishments of Castilla-La Mancha
  1. Establishment category, in the case of holiday rental apartments
  1. Identification of users
  1. Dates of arrival and departure
  1. Identification of the holiday rental property
  1. Price of the booking and of the various contracted amenities
  1. Cancellation conditions and conditions for abandoning the stay
  1. Amount of the sum advanced by way of deposit
  1. If applicable, conditions agreed by the parties


  1. The operator may require users to pay a deposit in advance against the amount resulting from the amenities provided and may cancel the booking if the advance payment is not made.


  1. Provide claim forms and a notice drawing attention to these in a visible place.


3.   What procedure must I follow for tourism purposes to make my “holiday rental”

available for use?


  1. You must file the commencement of activity declaration of responsibility, in the terms established in Art. 5 of Law 7/2013, of 21 November, on adaptation of administrative proceedings, and governing the general rules on the declaration of responsibility and prior communication, using the forms established as annexes I and II, which you may access here.


  1. Any changes or amendments that may affect establishment classification must be reported using the forms established as annexes III and IV, which you may access here.


  1. Changes of ownership, name, cessation of activity and any other change that affects the data contained in the commencement of activity declaration of responsibility must be reported using the forms established as annexes V and VI, which you may access here.


  1. Forms will be submitted to the General Directorate for Tourism and may only be submitted online with an electronic signature. This service is available to persons concerned at the electronic site of the Administration of the Junta de Comunidades of Castilla-La Mancha (


  1. Documentation proving compliance with the requirements laid down in current regulations that apply to engagement in the tourist establishment activity must be available to the General Directorate for Tourism.



4. What regulations govern rental of my holiday home from the tourist point of view?:


  1. Law 8/1999, of 26 May  on Regulation of Tourism in Castilla-La Mancha and, specifically, Articles  9 and 13 to 16 thereof.


  1. Decree 36/2018, of 29 May, which establishes the regulations on tourist apartments and holiday rentals in Castilla La Mancha and, specifically, Articles 1 to 7, 16 to 28, Second Interim Provision and Second Final Provision.


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