VRBO unlocks tens of thousands of ski-in/ski-out vacation homes around the world with new search option

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 9, 2018 – Groups that want to stay right on the mountain now have an easier way than ever to find ski-in/ski-out accommodations, thanks to a new search option on VRBO.com.

VRBO®, the website where people book vacation homes, has launched a search filter that allows travelers to find ski-in/ski-out properties around the world, simplifying the process of discovering those coveted cabins and chalets with unparalleled access to the slopes. The site currently offers tens of thousands of ski-in/ski-out vacation homes globally, with more being added every week.

“Serious skiers love convenience and speed, which is why we’re happy to offer them the fastest way of finding ski-in/ski-out homes in the world’s top ski destinations,” said Melanie Fish, HomeAway’s travel expert. “For those who want to sleep right by the slopes, our new search option makes finding these homes easier than it’s ever been.”

To use VRBO’s new search option, simply visit VRBO.com, type any ski destination into the search bar, click the “More filters” tab and select “Ski-in/Ski-out” under the “Locations” section.

A ski-in/ski-out vacation home in South Lake Tahoe

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