I just wanted to tell VRBO how much I appreciate their service in helping us rent our beach house. It is far better than the other sites we have used. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

VRBO has been a great source of leads for our unit at the Hamilton House. We signed up on VRBO initially for a trial period and have been members for 4 years now. The rentals generated from VRBO immediately paid for our annual fee, plus add revenue to our bottom line! This past summer we secured a 2 month rental through VRBO at a time when we usually have very reduced/shortened bookings. We are thrilled with VRBO and would encourage anyone to use their site to post your vacation property.

Though I was tentative, I investigated the site, and saw the fee was not too high. I saw that I could put the information in there correctly (all the local brokers had WRONG information and never updated their data bases no matter how many times I tried to tell them) and I could respond directly to the tenant without interpretation from an intermediary. So I tried it. Within a few DAYS I was receiving inquiries. It was winter when I joined and these inquiries were for MAY. Now, understand, the Hamptons are generally a SUMMER playground for New Yorkers. These inquiries were coming from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, etc. It was wild. I was able to tell by how our communications went, if the tenants would be appropriate for the house and vice versa. Everyone was polite and direct via the email inquiry. I didn't "sweat" it , if some people did not return answers, or if we were in negotiations and it did not pan out. After the first few times of that, I realized there were MORE DOWN THE PIKE! They KEPT ON COMING. I was able to rent my house for much of the summer, and still enjoy it myself in between tenants. I'm even repeat renting it this fall to summer tenants! VRBO ROCKS MY WORLD.

I live in a small town in south Georgia (Thomasville) and before joining VRBO I had many times my condo was vacant (which was lost income). I now keep my condo full most of the time. I also like the fact that I can use Itravex (free account) to stay in other VRBO listings for as little as 10%. It was the best thing I could have done to keep my condo rented and I would advise anyone with a corporate or vacation rental to use VRBO.

After 7 years with a property manager, we decided to take over the management of our Sea Pines/Hilton Head townhome ourselves, thanks to the marvelous marketing by VRBO! We rented as much ourselves as the property manager did this past year, and could have done even more had they not already reserved. I'm really looking forward to an even better year thanks to VRBO. Even with all the economic problems, people still find a way to get away for a few days to a few weeks to a few months! And VRBO helps them to find us and others like us. I expect to be a client for a long, long time! Just one rental covers the cost of our ad!

We largely owe VRBO high kudos for having such a high occupancy rate and superb guest relationships! Our beachfront condo on the quiet west end of Panama City Beach was a treasure in itself for it's perfect location and comfy atmosphere. But as "rookie" owners, we were timid at first with the whole owner/guest side of the business. After just a couple of months of narrow, resort-only competition and lack of general satisfaction with the rental agency we used, we decided to strike out on our own. We never looked back and advertising on VRBO has resulted in filled calendars and a long list of return guests. It couldn't be easier to update our site and communication with the VRBO staff is always pleasant. It's money well-spent and without Vacation Rentals By Owner, it would just be a rental, not a success story. Thanks VRBO, keep the "hits" coming!

In 2007 my partners and I purchased (2) beach resort area rental properties as investments. In an effort to help improve our rentals we opted to sign up with VRBO.com as a secondary means of advertising our property and generating rentals. Within 3 days of listing our house on VRBO.com we rented one of the peak summer weeks in July. Just a few short weeks after I had successfully booked our house for the remaining weeks for the summer and weeks in October, November and December. The success of VRBO.com led to our decision to discontinue our relationship with the local property management company and I now handle of all our rentals for the Avon property myself. In 2009 our rental income will approach $55,000 for the year and the best part is we now don' t have to pay a rental commission of 10%. We already have reservations for 2010 and expect rental income to go over $60,000. Our Ocean City property has had the exact same success as our property in Avon. We purchased the OCNJ house brand new in 2007. Being a new house the property had no prior rental history. We signed up with several local rental agencies in OCNJ in 2007 and were able to salvage a dismal $25,000 in rental income that year. In late 2007 we signed up on VRBO.com and began taking reservations for 2008. Almost immediately we began getting inquiries and bookings were very close behind. By April of 2008 we had the house fully rented for the summer and fall season and had increased our rental income to just over $40,000. Beside the benefit of increasing our rental income and decreasing our commission costs VRBO.com also allows me to personally involved with who is renting our house and making sure that they are happy with their stay. Thanks VRBO.com! We look forward to many more years and maybe more listings.

We bought our condo last October and were very nervous in this economy renting on our own with no existing client base, but had a good friend urge us to do so. My parents had been with a rental/management company for years and were fed up with how destroyed their condo was getting and had never turned a profit due to the 30% commission they were paying, so that further helped our decision. I'm happy to report that we have found fantastic renters through VRBO, we were booked almost all of 2009, our condo was not even the slightest destroyed (you become almost friends with most renters renting yourself that they respect your property), we are in the black for 2009, and renting out our condo is my new hobby that I thoroughly enjoy! Thank you VRBO and best of luck to all potential owners - I would say it's easier than you might think (once you get going) and it's more fun and rewarding than you would ever think!

Your current marketing efforts have paid off for me...I have had a horrible rental year, but just in the past 24 hours, I have received about 10 inquiries and 2 bookings! Both bookings said your email made them cancel their "expensive beach vacations to find something more affordable and close". Thank you and I just want the VRBO team to know I appreciate your efforts.

We have been using VRBO for the last 2 years as a vacation source and to book our beautiful beach condo in Panama City Beach , Florida . Our listing is Number 229023. The majority of our bookings come from VRBO and this company is a great company to team with. This website is very user friendly and easy to manage. VRBO has the best set up and is constantly worked on to accommodate the users and the customers. You receive newsletters and information constantly on how to be successful in the vacation rental business. It allows people to screen vacation rental owners by viewing guest comments to find out how others have liked properties. It also allow owners to take advantage of great map features and to do owner profiles so guests can know about who they are renting from, thereby personalizing the process and not making you feel like a number or statistic. The calendars help with communicating to customers as to when properties may be available and so you do not waste time trying to book when properties are unavailable. VRBO is the way of the future and a great way to travel and find the best spots to vacation. We could not be as successful as we have been without this source of advertising. We hope you will consider our condo if ever you travel to the Panhandle area where the beaches are absolutely breathtaking.

This is my first year with VRBO and I am already full booked from the end of June through the end of August. This time last year I only had 2 bookings without your service. I got great traffic on VRBO and more than 2 out of 3 inquiries resulted in a firm booking (signed contract with deposit). Thank you so much.

We have only been with VRBO 4 weeks and the results are outstanding. We're still getting our 'sea legs' about handling the rentals but our summer book is filling fast. We join the other members in saying "Thanks VRBO!" What a wonderful site.

VRBO has helped us fill our villa nearly every week, even in the off season (a first). Our rental agent says our villa is rented much more than other villas they rent. I attribute this to the renovation we did to the villa last year and VRBO. I get contacted on a regular basis to rent our villa and have to turn people down due to it already being rented. I've been able to work with people to rent it around the dates we are staying there as well (a first). Plus I'm able to rent it at the going rate vs. the rental agent who has been discounting rental rates to get people to sign up. I pay less commission on the weeks I rent through VRBO, so I'm thrilled when I have someone rent through VRBO. I will definitely be renewing my listing when our first year is up.

I have advertised on VRBO for three years now. I am totally pleased with their service! I also advertise on four other vacation rental sites and have had no where near the number of inquiries/bookings as I've had from VRBO. A total of 98% of my bookings are through VRBO! Without them, I wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage on my vacation property. They are always coming up with new ways to improve their site and satisfy their customers. I highly recommend them to everyone who wants lots of bookings for their vacation home! Thank you VRBO!

We have been on vrbo since 2002. We get 90% of all our bookings thru vrbo.com. We could not run all 4 of our properties without vrbo.com. This is our primary way of advertising for our places in Hawaii and Telluride. We use it to book our own vacations.

We have been with VRBO for over 5 years and were referred by a close personal friend. He told us that this was the only form of advertising he did and where he received 95% of his rentals. We are happy to say that he is still our friend and that his advice is still correct today and we've since bought another second home and are renting it out. Thanks for providing such a valuable service.

VRBO ROCKS! I have had the best results for my winter ski holidays, with VRBO. With the closing of the major hotels in the area, due to the economic crisis, more people are looking for reasonable accommodations in Bear Valley online. So when people search for rentals in the area, VRBO is one of the best things out there, so it just gets me lots of inquiries. Thanks heaps.

We began using VRBO in July of 2007 and it kept us booked almost every weekend and every week in the summer of 2008 until Hurricane Ike came in and stole our home from us. After one year of searching for another beach front home in Galveston we found our dream come true with VRBO 137814. We just listed our new beach house with VRBO two weeks ago and already have 4 bookings. VRBO is one of the main reasons we bought another beach front home in Galveston. VRBO was so helpful in getting us set up again. Thank you VRBO.

Five years ago someone suggested that I create a vacation rental from the barnhouse I inherited on my mother's passing. Since the barnhouse is only two parcels from the geodesic dome, which I also inherited and live in, it seemed like a way to bring in much needed income, since I was already past retirement age and had minimal social security and little prospects for continuing to travel doing voice workshops. I will always be grateful to the person who suggested connecting with Vacation Rental By Owner. It has provided the opportunity for me to continue to live in this beautiful valley, to care for the land that I intend to pass on, to provide for myself in creative and supportive ways, and to meet travelers from all over the world (my last guests were from Ireland). And their beautiful children. And their precious pets. Thank you, Marcus! Thank you, VRBO! And thank you, Bad Taste *B-n-B*ers past and future!

When we bought our condo in the Kaanapali area of Maui, it was being managed by a rental agent that kept 50% of the revenues. I was really nervous about taking over the rentals myself, but VRBO made it a breeze. I am getting more rentals and I really like being able to talk to potential renters myself. I think I am getting a higher quality of clientele and, best of all, I keep all the rental revenue. I just pay a local service to take care of cleaning and maintenance.

I have been a long standing VRBO client for many years and value the service. Two weeks ago while staying at my vacation home referenced above, I stopped by to visit with the owners of a vacation home next to mine. They told me they were having troubles renting their home. I told them that I was listed on 4 sites, Always on Vacation, Home Away, How2Vacation and VRBO. I told them that out of all 4 sites, VRBO gave me by far the best results (50+%) and that if they only listed with one third party site, it should be yours.

Thank You!!! VRBO Is AMAZING! INDEED! My house has been rented almost full time since I joined in Feb. Your customer service is also amazing. What a GREAT company and concept. I owe you all more than the initial fee!

Did I mention the great guests we book at our cabin through VRBO? No reason for us to even consider other marketing. Thanks for your professionalism and the great service.

I listed my oceanfront home on the Oregon coast with VRBO on August 8, 2009. Since that time I have had over 2400 "views" of my VRBO site, 52 email inquiries, and 10 phone inquiries. I have booked right at 100 nights, with another 30-40 days of potential! I have also advertised using other sources to market my property......none of them has come close to my results with VRBO! My advice: use VRBO, take great great pictures, use all 16 picture slots, follow up right away on inquiries. VRBO is worth every penny!

We bought our condo two years ago...knowing NOTHING about managing a vacation rental. The previous owners had an account set up with vrbo so we decided to go along with it...and are we glad we did! Almost 100% of our rentals come through that site...and we stay almost fully booked. It has made the transition to owning a vacation rental painless.

Your site rocks – I've had strong success renting through VRBO.

I have had great success with the VRBO website that advertises my vacation home. I have owned my home for 4 years, using VRBO as my only source of advertising. Each successive year I have exceeded the income from the year before. With each year that passed, VRBO has made continual improvements to the site. These have made it easier for renters to use as well as owners. The best improvement was putting the guest comments right on the listing page. There is no way a potential guest can ignore all the positive feedback I have received. I highly recommend VRBO to any homeowner. It will make your job as landlord easier and you will have more renters than you will know what to do with. VRBO is well known to vacationers!

We have been managing our own rentals since 2001. Initially we had a website and became members with the chamber of commerce and experienced good success with our summer schedule. We also advertised in the chambers printed guidebook. When the number of inquiries began to diminish, mainly due to increased competition, we had to find other sources of customer leads. While we make an effort to submit our site to search engines and have done some optimizing, we find that VRBO continues to rank 1st page for all the popular key words used for Google and yahoo searches. Since joining VRBO about 3 years ago, we have managed to keep our summer bookings full and even pick up weekend rentals in the spring and fall months. This has made it possible for us to have a property in a great location that we would normally only get to use ourselves on an occasional basis.

I rave about VRBO to everyone I know, and have signed up two new members in the last year. Your service is the success of my rental property. Thank you so much.

We are new to the rental business and VRBO made it so easy. I get about 80% of my rentals from them and have to turn people away! The website is easy to use and no other advertising site compares!

I then did some research on how to rent your vacation property and searched all of the on line companies that provided that service. We chose VRBO because it appeared to be the most professional, had the most tools, a great calendar and many services that other on line vacation rental companies just don't have, and it came up high on the search for vacation properties in Yahoo and Google. Initially, we were not sure about the cost so I thought I'd sign up, put a few free photos on and give it a try. Well, it wasn't long before I figured out that I should post the maximum photos to really show off our place and how wonderful it really was. To add photos there was an additional cost, but it also placed us very high on the search for our resort, Villa La Estancia, Nuevo Vallarta. We are very happy to say now, after almost 2 years on VRBO, that the initial cost for using VRBO and the maximum photos cost, that it was a no brainer to use VRBO. We recouped our annual VRBO cost in the first week!!!!! And now the rest is all profit. We would have never been able to rent our villa nearly as much without VRBO. The world wide exposure that VRBO offers is just priceless. By the way, through VRBO rentals, each year, our HOA cost are covered easily. It takes about 5 weeks of rentals to cover our HOA and electricity. With VRBO, we rent our villa on average 20 weeks per year. Again, what a no brainer to have found and signed up for VRBO. Thank you again VRBO! We tell all our friends that have second homes or vacation properties that there isn't a better service out there."

My husband is a marketing professor at a local college so we are all anxiously watching how this works out for my company. So far, you all are getting excellent marks in terms of customer service (what I call hand holding the clients!). Thanks again.

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