Vrbo New Listing Earnings Guarantee Terms


If you are the owner or property manager of a vacation rental in select areas of the United States, you may qualify for the Vrbo new listing summer earnings guarantee. Provided that you and your property listing meet the criteria in this document, and you complete ten rentals in the first ninety days on our platform, Vrbo will guarantee that you earn $4,000.00 in your first 90 days or pay you the difference. 

PLEASE NOTE: These terms and the guarantee do not automatically apply just because you have created a new listing. You must actively indicate your agreement to these terms by checking the “I agree” box on Vrbo.com/guarantee. Of course, you must also create a new property listing on Vrbo.com and agree to follow all the terms and conditions presented during the listing process, including but not limited to, Vrbo’s general terms and conditions, payment terms, privacy policy, and marketplace standards. 


Own or manage a home in an eligible area. The earnings guarantee will only apply to properties located in one of the following cities:

  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
  • Lewes, Delaware
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
  • Miramar Beach, Florida
  • Rosemary Beach, Florida
  • Ocean City, Maryland

In addition to complying with all Vrbo terms and conditions, local regulations, and marketplace standards, the home must be similar to the other homes in the area with regard to overall upkeep, appearance, and taxable value of the structures and improvements located on the property. 

Be a new owner or property manager and create a new property listing. To qualify, you may not have used Vrbo.com or any other rental marketplace owned or operated by HomeAway.com Inc., or any of its affiliated business entities to list rental properties at any time during the past twelve months.  The property itself must also be new and not have been listed for rent on Vrbo.com or any other rental marketplace owned or operated by HomeAway.com Inc., or any of its affiliated business entities, at any time during the past twelve months. If you used one of our sites to rent properties more than a year ago, or the property was listed on any of these sites more than a year ago, you can list the property again and it can qualify for this guarantee.

Comply with local laws. Make sure your property and rental practices comply with all applicable laws and government regulations related to short-term rentals. Failure to do so is a violation of these and the general Vrbo terms.

Publish your new listing by June 1, 2019. You can contact Vrbo Partner Success agents if you need help completing and publishing your listing. Listings published after June 1, 2019 are not eligible for the guarantee. 

Set your rental price.    Vrbo does not dictate any rental price. Vrbo has tools that offer suggested rental pricing based upon aggregated rental data in the relevant area and owners and property managers are free to take this suggestion into consideration when setting their own prices to suit their own business needs. While you may choose any price you like, Vrbo is not required to make any guaranteed payment if your price selection indicates an attempt to drive away rental opportunities, or deliberately earn less than the guaranteed amount, or bad faith on your part. In general, the nightly rate should not be less than $80/night.

Accept and complete 10 bookings in your first 90 days.  All ten bookings must be made and paid for via the Vrbo.com platform. The actual rental dates associated with those bookings must take place before August 31, 2019. The guarantee amount is premised on at least ten bookings and under no circumstances will payment be made to any owner or property manager who has obtained less than 10 fully completed stays at the property before the sooner of August 31, 2019 or the 91st day the property is listed on the platform. If you or your guests cancel a booking, you refund rental fees, or if the rental does not take place for any reason – including, but not limited to fraud, regulatory actions, natural disaster, or internet, website, or software unavailability or issues - that booking will not be counted towards the ten bookings necessary to qualify for the guarantee. 

Submit a claim if you earned less than $4,000.00. Vrbo’s records of your rental fees and payments will be the official tally of your rental income. If you have earned less than $4,000.00, you must complete and submit a claim form to Vrbo no later than September 30, 2019. You can obtain a claim form at Vrbo.com/guarantee/claims. Vrbo will not make payments based on late, incomplete, or inaccurate information and submitting such a claim will result in denial of payment. Once your claim for payment has been evaluated, a Vrbo representative may make reasonable requests for additional information or documentation to demonstrate your compliance with these Terms. You must cooperate with Vrbo in all such requests or you will forfeit your payment. Vrbo will diligently process requests for payment and communicate with you regarding the status of your request, but Vrbo makes no representation as to how long any review will take as each case is unique. You will receive payment via check roughly six to eight weeks after approval. You are solely responsible for all taxes associated with any payments made under this guarantee and you may be required to submit a W9 form prior to receiving payment. Vrbo will not issue checks for amounts under $10.00.

Act in good faith. This guarantee is only available to homeowners and property managers who are seriously interested in attempting to enter the short-term rental market. At all times and in all respects related to this guarantee, you have a duty to put forth your best efforts to rent the property on Vrbo.com. Failure to make a good faith effort to rent the property will be a violation of these terms and you will forfeit the guarantee. 

These Terms are governed by the laws of the state of Texas, regardless of where you live and you agree to be subject to those laws in the event of any dispute related to these Terms. You also agree to follow the dispute resolution procedures set out in the general Vrbo terms and conditions presented when you list your property. These procedures include waiving your rights to a jury trial, agreeing not to take part in a class action, and agreeing to resolve disputes via arbitration.