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If you live in Austin, or own a vacation rental in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, or Fort Worth, you may qualify for the Vrbo, Austin City Limits Music Festival Wristband Giveaway (“Giveaway”). Provided that you and your new property listing (1) meet the criteria in this document, and (2) your new listing hosts one of the first 150 completed traveler stays, Vrbo will give you two non-transferable 3-day wristbands to the music festival and two passes to the Vrbo backstage hospitality suite.  

PLEASE NOTE: These terms and the Giveaway do not automatically apply just because you have created a new listing. You must actively indicate your agreement to these terms by checking the “I Accept” box on vrbo.com/l/nest Of course, you must also create a new property listing on Vrbo.com and agree to follow all the terms and conditions presented during the listing process, including but not limited to, Vrbo’s general terms and conditions, payment terms, privacy policy, and marketplace standards.


Own a home in an eligible area. The following Texas cities are eligible:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Houston
  • San Antonio

Comply with local laws. Make sure your property and rental practices comply with all applicable laws and government regulations related to short-term rentals. Failure to do so is a violation of these and the general Vrbo terms. Some cities may require a permit. Please note that Austin only allows its citizens to rent out their primary homes.

Create a new property listing. To qualify, you must have never listed the property on Vrbo.com or any other rental marketplace owned or operated by HomeAway.com Inc., or any of its affiliated business entities. You must upload at least ten high resolution pictures of your home (min 1920 x 1080 pixels). Include both interior and exterior photos. Select your house rules for occupancy, pets, and more.      

Publish your new listing. The sooner you list your property, the more likely you are to be one of the first 150 homeowners to complete a booking. You can contact Vrbo Partner Success agents via email at HA_Sales@homeaway.com or via phone at 1-877-226-3657 if you need help completing and publishing your listing.

Set your rental price, calendar, and choose Instant Booking. Vrbo does not dictate any rental price. Vrbo has tools that offer suggested rental pricing based upon aggregated rental data in the relevant area and owners and property managers are free to take this suggestion into consideration when setting their own prices to suit their own business needs. Selecting Instant Booking option will make renting your home easier and quicker. Set your rental calendar so that your home is available for at least two consecutive nights.   

Accept and complete one booking by September 3, 2019 at the latest. Remember, there are only 150 wristbands to give away, so the sooner you book your property the better. The booking must be made and paid for via the Vrbo.com platform. The booking must be for at least two consecutive nights. If you or your guests cancel a booking, you refund rental fees, or if the rental does not take place for any reason – including, but not limited to fraud, regulatory actions, natural disaster, or internet, website, or software unavailability or issues - that booking will not count. It must be a completed stay.   

Submit a claim form. As quickly as you can after the stay is completed, go to www.vrbo.com/l/nest/claims and fill out the posted form. Vrbo’s records will be the official source to determine whether you are one of the first 150 listings to complete a booking.   Vrbo will not accept late, incomplete, or inaccurate information and such claim forms will be rejected. Vrbo may or may not notify you of defects in your submission and give you a chance to remedy them. If a Vrbo representative does request any additional information or documentation from you for any reason whatsoever, you must cooperate with Vrbo in all such requests or your claim form will be rejected. Multiple claim forms from the same owner, or submitted on behalf of the same owner will be disregarded. If you are one of the first 150 listings to complete a booking, you will be contacted by HomeAway with instructions on how to receive your wristbands. You are solely responsible for all taxes associated with receipt of the wristbands. 

Understand these formalities. These Terms are governed by the laws of the state of Texas, regardless of where you live and you agree to be subject to those laws in the event of any dispute related to these Terms. You also agree to follow the dispute resolution procedures set out in the general Vrbo terms and conditions presented when you list your property. These procedures include waiving your rights to a jury trial, agreeing not to take part in a class action, and agreeing to resolve disputes via arbitration. 

Employees of HomeAway.com Inc. and its affiliated companies may not take part in the Giveaway. 

Under no circumstances will any account holder receive more than two wristbands. In other words, even if your listing results in more than one of the first 150 stays and even if you submit a claim form for each stay, you will only receive two wristbands. 

Wristbands are the only items we are giving away. They are assigned to you by name and can’t be transferred. If the festival is shortened or canceled for any reason or you are unable to attend any portion of the festival days, you aren’t entitled to any substitute or replacement whatsoever. Apart from the rental fees you earn, under no circumstances whatsoever will Vrbo pay you any money for listing your property. 

If there is any technical, electrical, or software issue or problem that results in you not being able to submit a claim form, your only remedy is to try again after the issue is resolved. Vrbo reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel the offer if any technical problem prevents the offer from being fulfilled as described by these terms. If there are any disputes, discrepancies, or problems determining which listings resulted in the first 150 completed stays or associated claim forms, Vrbo - in its sole judgment - will determine how to resolve the issue.     

Vrbo is a proud sponsor of Austin City Limits Music Festival, but this Giveaway is not sponsored or administered by C3 Presents, LLC, Capital of Texas Telecommunications Council, Inc., or Austin Parks Foundation, (each an “ACL Entity”) and you agree to release and hold harmless each ACL Entity and each of their respective parents, partners, divisions, subsidiaries, officers, directors, members, managers, affiliates, agents, and employees from all liability in connection with the Giveaway.