HomeAway Hurricane Florence Advisory

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 11, 2018 – HomeAway® reminds travelers who have yet to embark on their planned trip to locations in the areas that may have been affected by Hurricane Florence to contact the vacation rental owner or property manager to determine if traveling to the destination is safe or accessible, or to discuss rescheduling or refunding the stay.

HomeAway customer support stands ready to aid travelers in finding an alternative accommodation if the vacation rental they are staying in or have booked in the near future may be compromised by the storm. Travelers potentially affected by the storm contact the HomeAway customer support team at 1-877-228-3145 if in need of assistance. Those who are unable to dial toll free may reach HomeAway customer support at 512-782-0805.

HomeAway’s rental owner and manager partners may also reach out to HomeAway to discuss their options for assistance if their home becomes unable to rent due to the storm.  

To stay on top of weather alerts: National Weather Service.

In May 2019, the name of Expedia Group’s alternative accommodations business changed from HomeAway to Vrbo.

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