The story behind the new Vrbo brand

Today is an exciting day — the brand that generations of travelers and vacation rental owners have known and loved for more than 20 years is getting a new look and feel (and sound)!

Since 1995, VRBO has helped families and friends travel and stay together in amazing destinations around the world. Our business has grown tremendously: We’ve amassed more than 2 million unique places to stay across the globe and transformed into a powerful e-commerce platform that thousands of travelers use every day. It was time to refresh our brand to better reflect that we’ve become both a household name in travel and a modern technology company.

V-R-B-O to “ver-boh”

Throughout the years, we’ve noticed that many of our loyal fans pronounce our name “ver-boh” instead of V-R-B-O. We conducted research and learned that “ver-boh” is easier to remember and easier to say in other languages, so we decided to make it official by changing our brand name from an abbreviation to a word: VRBO is now Vrbo.

“V” is for vacation

You’ll notice that our new brand identity looks considerably different than what we had before. We wanted it to be distinct, memorable and timeless. Our new brand was inspired by what immediately comes to mind when travelers think of Vrbo — vacations.

 When developing the concept, we married recurring themes we often associate with vacations — movement, discovery, adventure — with the foundational elements of connection — time spent with loved ones, new surroundings and memorable experiences. Vrbo has a rich heritage and history, so it was important that our new brand looked modern and exciting, but also timeless and classic. Generations of travelers have made lifelong memories traveling with Vrbo and will continue to do so for years to come.

We searched for a singular iconic reference to vacation. This was challenging given the different ways we get to our vacations, the variety of destinations we visit, and the breadth of activities we engage in. We were delighted to discover a pattern in our research that has been prevalent in vacations and travel for decades. Stripes! We found stripes in the clothing we wear on vacation, from board shorts to ski clothes to the classic French breton. Stripes in the destinations we visit, from umbrellas on the beach to log cabins in the mountains. And stripes in the natural landscapes we visit, from geological striations to the crest of a breaking wave.

Inspired by stripes, our new wordmark symbolizes everything we love about travel. The excitement of new adventures. The special feeling of time removed from the everyday. The pathways and lines of the wordmark symbolize different people coming together. The lines parallel then converge — their paths often part, but eventually find their way back to one another.

The wordmark is accompanied by the V mark, which is used in icons, badges and treatments where we want to play up the V for vacations.

Our vision in full color

The broad color palette represents the vibrant colors we associate with vacation — the brilliant blues of the ocean and the sky, the glowing orange of a sunset, and the peaceful greens of the wilderness. We are also excited about adapting our logo to alternative color treatments, which allows us to represent and celebrate different people, countries or causes.

We wanted to be bold and take risks with our new brand. Vacations are filled with experiences that are exciting, adventurous and often unexpected. Now, our brand embodies the fun, lively spirit of traveling with family and friends, which has been core to our business all along.

When you see our new brand on our website, on your mobile devices or even on a hat or t-shirt, we hope you find it unique and memorable — like vacations should be. Welcome to the new Vrbo, helping people everywhere travel better together.

Special thanks to our external partners for their amazing efforts and collaboration: FÖDA for their design expertise, Labbrand for global consumer research, and Phil's Fonts for the customization work.

 And huge thanks to our internal teams for their dedication and partnership in executing the brand development, extension, and launch: The Creative Dept., UX Design, UI Toolkit, Customer Insights, Brand Strategy, Video, Engineering, Product, Operations, Legal, Internal Communications, Marketing, PR, and others who contributed to this company-wide effort.