Welcome to Catalyst!

Getting Started

There are a variety of ways to get support and learn about the Catalyst platform:


This scaffolding is a basic starting point for applications. We have included all the core pieces to participate in the EG infrastructures including logging, metrics, alive handling, and the pipeline code needed to build and deploy your application.

All of the asset bundling is handled through webpack and we have included a set of smart defaults to build and publish your assets to the CDN.

On the client side, we have incorporated Apollo Client and are leveraging graphql components as a default implementation. Graphql components are small, domain-specific graphql wrappers that call out to your HTTP or gRPC microservices. See the manifest.json where we register hapi-graphql-bootstrap and the src/server/graphql directory where we have an example component.

The developer experience is important to us. You will find this solution has a solid React Hot Module Replacement workflow and a set of npm scripts that get you working and testing your code quickly and easily.

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