Pet-friendly rentals offer fun for everyone including furry companions.

Booking a pet-friendly rental is one of the best ways to create an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Even if you're just traveling with your pup and no one else, these rentals offer a home away from home experience from which you and your dog can explore a fascinating destination.

Find pet-friendly vacation rentals for your next adventure

Traveling with a pet is a unique kind of experience that lets you enjoy all the offerings of a typical vacation with your best friend by your side taking the journey with you. When you're booking vacation rentals, however, you'll have to make sure that the property is pet friendly before you book. Fortunately, you'll find no shortage of pet-friendly rentals all across the country no matter what kind of vacation experience you're longing for. Within these rentals, you'll not only find places for your pet to sleep comfortably, but many also come complete with complimentary dog treats and special dog beds they're free to use. Of course, you're always welcome to bring your own, too.

It's important to remember that there are a few trends prevalent throughout pet-friendly rentals. These rentals tend to be a bit more affordable overall because luxury rentals almost universally don't allow pets. You'll find some exceptions, though, so don't give up hope for a luxurious pet-friendly rental without looking. Most of the time you'll find that pet-friendly rentals have plenty of decent amenities without overtly luxurious features. Still, finding a pet-friendly property with a hot tub is easier than you might think.

Enjoy pet-friendly cabins and the outdoors

Going on an outdoor adventure with your pup is one of the best ways to spend your vacation time. Major parks and outdoor attractions tend to be pet friendly to begin with, so it only makes sense that the accompanying rentals are as well. Cabins, in particular, are some of the best kinds of properties to rent alongside your dog. They're built specifically with outdoor enjoyment in mind, often having large windows and open porch areas that let you and your pup take in the outdoor splendor of wherever you visit.

Cabins can be quite cozy and get you close to the outdoors, but they also have some impressive amenities. Even the pet-friendly offerings tend to be equipped with features like a full kitchen. Some, however, can have more luxurious amenities like a hot tub. Given the often-isolated nature of a cabin, you may even be able to find an outdoor hot tub or a pool. Plus, cabins have quite a bit of yard space around them in most instances, so your pup will have plenty of room to run around. Finding rentals with fencing is fairly easy as well if you want to make sure your dog doesn't venture too far away.

Discover top pet-friendly apartments for rent

Apartments are far more pet friendly than you might think, no matter where you're looking to book, so they can be a top choice if you're looking for an economical solution to your vacation needs. Apartments can be quite large, but pet-friendly apartments tend to be a bit more spacious by default. Like any other kind of pet-friendly rental, they also tend to be a bit more affordable without overtly luxurious features. Even so, a full kitchen, temperature controls, and Wi-Fi are pretty standard across apartment rentals in most cases.

When you specifically seek out a pet-friendly apartment rental, they tend to come with some extra features. They're often located on the ground floor and can even have a small outdoor area for your pup to run around in. Failing that, they tend to be located close to some kind of green space like a park, which makes it easy to take your dog for a walk. This is less of an issue in notably pet-friendly cities like San Diego where you'll find pet-friendly restaurants, beaches, and stores. In fact, San Diego has quite a few off-leash beaches and parks with apartment rentals nearby, making it one of the ideal destinations in the country for a city stay with a dog.

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