Discovering spring break destinations

Though spring break began as a vacation period in the early spring for universities and colleges, spring break now includes all types of travelers, and many destinations offer entertainment and attractions to draw visitors to the area. From partying with friends on the beach to enjoying a family vacation while the kids are off from school, spring break comes in all varieties, and you can find a range of rental properties on Vrbo to get ready for the trip.

Spring break ideas

Spring break is the perfect time for a getaway to a sunny destination whether you’re traveling as a family, college student, couple, or just with a group of friends. Tourist destinations like Las Vegas, Miami Beach, New York City, and Atlantic City are popular options, though you can have a more low-key trip in somewhere like Scottsdale, Dallas, San Diego, Mexico, or Europe. Whatever you choose, plenty of destinations around the world observe spring break and offer a range of accommodation options to suit groups of travelers.

Cheap spring break trips

Whether you’re a college student on a budget or trying to take an inexpensive trip with the family, you can find plenty of cheap spring break trips to enjoy. Places like Puerto Vallarta and Cabo are spectacular beach destinations that are surprisingly affordable, and New Orleans, Key West, and Daytona feature free or affordable attractions and activities to make the most of your trip. You can also find affordable lodging options, especially if you book your trip in advance, and it’s even cheaper if you travel with a group.

Spring break in Texas

Texas is one of the best options for spring break, no matter how you’re looking to spend your time. From the miles of beaches in Galveston to the beach activities and energetic nightlife of Corpus Christi to the parties of Port Arkansas, spring break in Texas offers a variety of options. On top of that, several towns and cities in Texas are surprisingly affordable to travel to, meaning that you can secure cheap condos, rental homes, or other lodgings for any size group, leaving you with more freedom to enjoy the sights in the area.

Spring break destinations for families

Though spring break is often associated with beach-bound college students, there are plenty of spring break destinations for families that offer kid-oriented attractions and activities. Places like San Diego, with its beaches, museums, zoos, and theme parks, and the Grand Canyon with its adventure activities and breathtaking scenery, are perfect for children of all ages. You could also explore Yosemite or Yellowstone, enjoy the seaside amenities of the Outer Banks, or make memories at the Disney resorts in Orlando for spring break with the kids. Many of these destinations are popular for families year-round as well, so you’re sure to find a range of kid-friendly, spacious accommodation options close to area attractions.

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