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Everyone loves a good vacay. But, of course, everyone’s idea of the perfect getaway is bound to be different. With such a kaleidoscope of amazing places and retreats around the globe, there’s always something to add fuel to the wanderlust. Booking a break can be darn fun in its own right, too. You’ll sift through bucket-list-busting vacation ideas that include trekking in Spanish sierras and sunbathing on Floridian shores. You’ll encounter deluxe villas in Malibu next to quirky treehouses in the Appalachian Mountains. And you can dream big, with exotic jaunts to Bali, romantic trips to Venice, intrepid outings to the Alps, and vacation homes in other long-lost quarters of the planet…

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  • Vrbo’s 2022 Vacation Homes of the Year

    Travel trends

    Vrbo’s 2022 Vacation Homes of the Year

    For the first time ever, Vrbo is recognizing ten best-in-class vacation homes across the U.S. as the 2022 Vacation Homes of the Year. These properties – all stunning private vacation homes – are ideal places for families to spend quality time and make vacation memories together. They all boast stellar star ratings and rave guest…

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  • 4 tips for a Spring Break staycation

    Traveling Together

    4 tips for a Spring Break staycation

    Ashley Keimach works professionally as an Account Executive. She is married to her best friend Evan and together they are raising two boys aged two and one month. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Ashley and her husband moved to Michigan to begin life anew. When not selling software, you can find Ashley making TikTok videos,…

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