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Everyone loves a good vacay. But, of course, everyone's idea of the perfect getaway is bound to be different. With such a kaleidoscope of amazing places and retreats around the globe, there's always something to add fuel to the wanderlust. Booking a break can be darn fun in its own right, too. You'll sift through bucket-list-busting vacation ideas that include trekking in Spanish sierras and sunbathing on Floridian shores. You'll encounter deluxe villas in Malibu next to quirky treehouses in the Appalachian Mountains. And you can dream big, with exotic jaunts to Bali, romantic trips to Venice, intrepid outings to the Alps, and vacation homes in other long-lost quarters of the planet…

The 2021 Vrbo Trend Report

Travel trends

Although the pandemic makes it tough to predict what travel will look like in 2021, Vrbo combined US traveler survey results with data from its own global vacation rental marketplace to reveal what to expect for family travel and which pandemic travel trends aren’t going away.

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Big Bear cabin rentals for different kinds of getaways

Cabin rentals USA

From jet-skiing and wakeboarding to hiking in the mountains, there's plenty to do all year round in Bear Lake.

Monthly Florida vacation rentals


To get the most value and enjoyment from a Florida vacation, many people book monthly Florida vacation rentals to stay in.

Best family-friendly road trip destinations

Road trip ideas

When you're trying to plan the best road trips for kids, you'll need to keep their interests in mind.

Find the best family vacation spots

When exploring vacation spots for kids, you'll have to find the right kind of accommodation for your family. Fortunately, you can find plenty of options available almost anywhere you go, but some accommodation types are more popular in specific areas. For example, a cabin is a great place to stay for outdoor adventures by a national park, while a condo or house may be better for a trip to the city or a popular beach town.

Choosing your property type and vacation rental

There's really no end to the variety of vacation rentals on offer today. You've probably heard of the conventional condo, sat gazing at the sky-blue waters of the Emerald Coast, or peppering the lively boardwalk of Myrtle Beach. You're likely to know the villa and the home away from home, which offer a pad to call your own, often with a private pool, a sumptuous interior, and other frills. But what about moss-caked cabins in the woods? What about log-built treehouses clinging to the old oaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains? And that's not even mentioning grand bed and breakfasts hiding in elegant Southern mansions, curious glamping pods that resemble Mongolian yurts, and safari-style tents that get you living in the great outdoors.

Vacation home rentals – choosing where's next

From Tybee Island to Topsail Beach, Hawaii to the high Rockies, Spain to the sparkling shores of Puerto Vallarta, there are all sorts of wanderlust-inducing destinations out there these days. Each is sure to have its own unique style of vacation home rental. That could mean a salt-washed cottage on the barrier islands of South Carolina, or a Hindu-inspired cabana between the palm fronds of Bali. It could be the difference between a Spanish villa with whitewashed walls and views of the sierras and a charming Caribbean shack painted banana yellow and coral pink by the beaches of Aruba. Picking the sort that you want is the first step in creating a truly amazing travel experience.

Check out travel guides to the best vacation spots

Will it be a classic sun-soaked beach trip to Florida? Perhaps an off-piste ski tour of the French Alps? Maybe a honeymoon that will tug at the heart strings in the majestic Maldives? Whatever's got you packing the bags and scanning the brochures this year, it always helps to consult a travel guide before going. They can reveal hot tips on chasing great bargains, offer inspiration on the top destinations, showcase amazing resorts and rentals, and give you good insights into the place you're planning on visiting.

Sizzling summer and wondrous winter vacations

Four seasons of pure adventure – that's what's on the calendar if you want it. Come winter, you can hit chalets at the bottom of ski slopes that corkscrew around peaks in the Sierra Nevada, or go Nordic walking up the Catskills of Upstate New York. When the snows thaw and the wildflowers start blooming, springtime Mardi Gras parties and college blowouts take over on the Gulf Coast, while Panama City Beach is abuzz with DJs and dancers. Then there's the classic summer vacation. That means stacks of options – European getaways to Spanish villas, hiking jaunts to Appalachia. Next up is fall, when the foliage changes color in New England and city breakers find they can go sightseeing without the crowds.

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