A place for all starts with understanding

Vrbo is more than a platform — we're a community of guests and hosts built on mutual respect. That's why we expect every member of our community to abide by our inclusion and diversity policy: 

A place for everyone leaves no room for hate. If you mistreat people, there's no space for you on Vrbo. Everyone deserves to be where kindness rules. 

The language we use reflects our policy.  We review the content that Vrbo hosts provide about their properties. We consider the context and presume good intentions from content creators. But when content harms or diminishes a group of people, we remove that content from our platform.  

We're combating the language of systemic oppression.  We've partnered with award-winning inclusion and diversity leaders the 360 Agency and Dr. Kazique Prince to make sure the property listings on Vrbo reflect our policy and purpose. As part of this work, we're addressing words and concepts with roots in bias, racism, and cultural appropriation. This content hurts people, and there's no place for that on Vrbo.

Here are the changes we’re making, starting with properties in the United States: 

  • Plantation should only be used to describe properties with a history in slavery. Hosts will need to add content that provides context for guests without sanitizing or celebrating the property’s history. We will also be adding a banner to these listings to inform guests of the history. 

  • Tipi: We're adding a banner message to listings that refer to tipis ("teepees") visually or in their description to affirm that the tipi represents important aspects of Indigenous American culture and identity. 

When we address content in this way — removing it or adding context — we're not trying to rewrite history. We're breaking down harmful historical barriers as a step toward creating a safer, more inclusive future for everyone. If you see something that violates this policy on Vrbo, please contact us.  

Thanks for helping us make Vrbo a place for all.