Hotels vs. bed and breakfasts

Hotels vs. bed and breakfasts

What does “bed and breakfast” mean to you? Like many travelers, you may envision a cozy rural cottage with homemade biscuits, quilted comforters, and a feline-in-residence. But bed and breakfasts have evolved far beyond these traditional bounds. In fact, those travelers seeking out true luxury are increasingly turning to B&Bs for the modern accoutrements and personalized service that define a quality experience from check-in to check-out.

Luxury travel that doesn’t break the bank

But seeking out the luxuries of a modern bed and breakfast doesn’t mean paying more. In fact, you’re likely to save money by choosing a B&B in such locations as San Francisco, New York City, and Honolulu. Take a look at the price comparisons, bed and breakfast vs. hotel, in the infographic to the left to learn just how much you can save in some of America’s favorite (and most expensive) destinations. The best part: you don’t have to sacrifice location. These B&Bs are just as close to the sights and town centers as any hotel is.

The savings aren’t just in the sticker price, either, when you compare B&B vs. hotel. You already know about the free breakfast, but what you might not realize is just how many other things you’ll get at a B&B for free: bottled water, wifi, parking, concierge service — even happy hours with wine and cheese. Hotels will charge you for a lot of these services, meaning you’ll end up paying a lot more than that sticker price in the end.

So what kinds of luxuries can you look forward to during your next B&B stay, besides what we’ve already mentioned? For starters, 97% of B&Bs on offer private bathrooms. But there’s more. Plenty of today’s B&Bs offer spa options, plus free referrals to nearby sights and services. And don’t worry if you have special dietary restrictions: not only do many B&Bs serve locally sourced and organic food, most innkeepers will be more than happy to serve specially prepared food for those who are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free!

How is it that you can get so much more at a B&B? The answer is simple: every B&B is personally operated by an innkeeper whose goal is to offer you the best possible experience. You’re not just another room number — you’re a true guest, and you’ll never feel more welcome than at a B&B.