The 2022 Vrbo Trend Report

The 2022 Vrbo Trend Report

In 2020, travel came to a screeching halt. In 2021, it resumed, paused again, pivoted, and continued to surprise us. After this roller-coaster ride of a year, how will families vacation in 2022?

Every year, Vrbo releases its annual Trend Report to spotlight what family travel trends are on the horizon for the upcoming year. This year’s report provides a glimpse into where families are headed, the types of vacation homes they love staying in, and how their outlook on vacations, travel planning, and time away together has been influenced or fundamentally changed because of the pandemic.

This year’s Vrbo Trend Report was based on a combination of vacation rental demand data from Vrbo’s global marketplace for the 12-month period ending August 31, 2021, as well as a consumer survey that was fielded to 1,000 U.S. families.

2022 Travel Trends

Up-and-Coming Destinations

Cincinnati Vrbo

This historic 5-star vacation home is minutes away from downtown Cincinnati. Vrbo #2344658

What do Ohio, New York, and Alaska have in common? Destinations in these states all doubled in vacation rental demand during 2021 compared to the year prior, with Cincinnati topping the list with a 125% increase in demand:

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Yorktown, Virginia
  • Niagara Falls, New York
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Matanuska-Susitna, Alaska

Chalet All Day

Vrbo Chalet

This snow-covered chalet in Big Sky, Montana has ski-in/ski-out access. Vrbo #441360

Though #Cabincore and #Cottagecore have been trending on social media, chalets emerged as the next dreamy vacation rental property type where families want to cozy up.

On Vrbo, chalets experienced a nearly 85% increase in demand year over year. Nestled in the woods, along lakefronts, and in prime ski destinations, these idyllic lodging options are now top options for families’ outdoor getaways.

Kids Call the Shots

Family in pool

This beachfront vacation home with a private pool is perfect for the whole family. Vrbo #565416

Over the past year, families have transformed their homes into classrooms, offices, and makeshift fitness studios. Our survey showed that when it’s time to finally take that long-awaited trip, parents are more likely to reward their kids with extra-special vacations and give them a bigger say in travel planning:

  • Half of the families said they’re more likely to let their kids decide where they vacation, compared to pre-pandemic times.
  • One in three are more likely to let their kids invite a friend.
  • 43% of parents are more likely to let their kids skip school for vacation.
  • One place where parents still rule: 61% of those surveyed said they are more likely to require their children to disconnect from their devices on vacation.

Traveling With the Pack

Couple with dog

People are bringing their pets along for vacation so the whole family can be together.

With the huge uptick in pet ownership over the course of the pandemic, more families are opting to bring Fido and Fluffy along on vacation:

  • Vrbo experienced a 40% increase in year-over-year demand for pet-friendly vacation homes.
  • More than 70% of this year’s survey respondents were pet owners, 68% of whom have traveled, plan to travel, or would like to travel with their pets.
  • The top reason for traveling with pets is because families don’t like leaving them, followed by wanting the whole family to be together.

Early Bird Bookings

Vrbo early bird booking property

Families heading to popular destinations should book their vacation homes early. Vrbo #7917273ha

This past year, booking activity on Vrbo occurred on average 2-3 months earlier than usual for several major travel seasons, like summer and the holidays. 60% of respondents said they plan to book future vacations earlier than they did in pre-pandemic times.

Work Hard, Vacation Harder

Family sitting on bench on front porch

Families want to disconnect, take longer vacations, and spend more quality time together. Vrbo #1887760

As people started returning to the office and employers introduced partial or even permanent work-from-home policies, families are still embracing flexibility, but have changed their outlook on vacation time, spending time together, and work-life balance:

  • 44% of families said they are more likely to work remotely from a place that’s not their own home.
  • Families are staying at vacation homes longer; there has been a 68% increase in 21-30-day stays on Vrbo.
  • Undated searches rose by 33% year over year, indicating that families do not necessarily have to vacation during school breaks or company holidays.
  • 77% of families agreed that they have a greater appreciation for separating their professional and personal lives, compared to pre-pandemic times.
  • 59% of respondents said they are more likely to take a two-week vacation and 30% are more likely to take a sabbatical.
  • 42% are less likely to check work email on vacation.

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2022 Vrbo US Trend Report

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