We’ve come a long way in 25 years! Check out how far we’ve traveled since a guy in Breckenridge created a website to rent out his ski retreat. We’re at over 2 million vacation rentals worldwide and growing. Our journey from VRBO to Vrbo has always been about making your family’s adventures the best they can be. We just keep getting better at bringing you together. Here’s to the next 25. 

We got a new look

OK, we admit it. We had some work done. Nothing major, just a color nip here and a letter tuck there. And the glow up isn’t all superficial, we’ve streamlined our systems and tools along the way so we’re not all form over function. We’re both.

We called it

Better mobile means better mobility. Now our app is your best friend when it comes to getting a trip squared away. Right away. No more 800 numbers or dial-up internet delays. Just boom. And you’re on the way to your next vacay. With your maps, GPS, and camera in your pocket.

We’re good to go

Thumbs up. All set. Got it covered. That’s right! No more schlepping tons of stuff you’re worried won’t be available in your rental. The props are properly stocked. All you have to do is decide where to go and pack up your crew. Our partners have ensured your stay is ready for you.

We've grown so much

From a few pinned dots to pin drops all over the map. What started as a nice little stateside operation turned into a global company with vacation stays everywhere families like to go. We know nobody likes a showboat. We’re just trying to point out how far we’ve come together.

We're in really good company

It never hurts to have powerful forces in your corner. We’re proud of our journey from a startup conjured up by an enterprising Coloradoan named David Clouse all the way to the travel industry bigtime. Vrbo is now part of Expedia Group. And we’re pretty psyched about it.