Discover fun things to do around Jamaica family resorts with kids

Taking a family trip to Jamaica can be one of the most unforgettable experiences your family will ever enjoy. Kids and adults alike will find plenty to do with unrivaled fun in the sun within a Caribbean paradise. Several regions around the island are suitable for a family stay, and each has its own selection of fun things to do. Jamaica family resorts are state of the art and often all-inclusive, so it's easy to find the pampering you deserve with more amenities than you'd get at your standard home away from home. Check out all the fun things to do with kids around Jamaica family resorts.

Family fun with kids in Negril

Negril is one of the most popular places to stay in Jamaica, especially if it's your family's first time in the country. You'll find it on the western edge of the island with a relaxing atmosphere and plenty of beachfront to enjoy. Several family-friendly attractions are available here, and they're all relatively relaxing and calming, letting you spend your time in this island paradise taking in the scenic views and welcoming waters. Outdoor adventurers will certainly find a home here.

Martha Brae River Rafting

One of the most iconic attractions in Negril is the Martha Brae River Rafting experience. Embark on this adventure, and you can relax on the far end of a raft as an experienced guide takes you at a steady pace through the scenic Martha Brae River. The raft ride lasts about an hour and 15 minutes, but that's not the end of your adventure. You'll also be able to visit Miss Martha's Herb Garden where you'll find a wide variety of native Jamaican herbs. You and your family can even learn about their traditional and contemporary use as medicines and healing herbs.

Barney's Flower and Hummingbird Garden

Think of Barney's Flower and Hummingbird Garden as your one-stop shop for natural beauty. Not only will you find plenty of vibrant greenery and colorful flowers, but this destination is also home to countless friendly hummingbirds of different varieties. You can sit down and have breakfast alongside these hummingbirds as well as explore a walking trail throughout the area. Premium walks are available as well, which are guided and informative offering valuable insight into the native flora and fauna. Other creatures can be found here as well like butterflies, beetles, and geckos along with other bird species.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is often referred to as the best beach in the country. Here your family can enjoy white sands, inviting clear waters, and plenty of opportunities for fun water sports. The beach in Negril technically only extends for 4 miles with the remaining 3 miles being a part of Bloody Bay. All sorts of boat and watercraft rentals are available at this beach, and you'll also be able to book a horseback riding adventure if that's more to your family's liking. Whatever you can imagine doing on a beach, this one is surely able to provide.

Things to do with kids in Kingston

Jamaica's capital of Kingston is a popular destination for travelers who are looking for the quintessential Jamaican experience. Authenticity is available in abundance here, unlike some other areas that are a bit more manufactured for the benefit of travelers. Within the city, you'll find a diverse array of entertainment and dining options with plenty of shopping available as well. Additionally, Kingston is a great location for family vacations on a budget, as you can find some fairly incredible rentals with stunning amenities that don't require you to break the bank.

Bob Marley Museum

The Bob Marley Museum is dedicated to one of the most legendary reggae musicians of all time and located within his former home. You and your family can learn all about the man and explore an extensive collection of artifacts and memorabilia from his life. Several of his personal treasures are on display here, but that's just the beginning. You'll also find a record shop and a photographic gallery. Plus, this museum is home to the One Love Cafe, so you don't have to go anywhere else to grab a bite to eat after your journey through the museum.

Fort Charles

If your family is interested in history, you won't want to miss out on Fort Charles. This historic site dates back to the mid-17th century and played a prominent role during the Golden Age of Piracy. It suffered immense damage throughout history from both battles and severe weather, yet it still stands tall today. You can take a guided tour of the fort if you like, but exploring it at your own pace is perfectly fine as well. Plus, a guided tour does cost a bit more than simple admission to the fort. Inside the fort, you'll also find a museum showcasing important artifacts from its history.

Art lovers won't want to miss out on the National Gallery of Jamaica. Here you'll find an extensive collection of art created by Jamaican artists from various periods including historical and contemporary artists. In addition to the permanent collection, you'll also find several events being held throughout the year that often include the artists themselves, so you and your family can hear directly from these talented creators. Other events focus on historical artists. Either way, be sure to check the local calendar to see what's on during your visit.

Family attractions in Ocho Rios

In Ocho Rios, you'll find a city that's known for its all-inclusive resorts and family-friendly attractions. While this isn't exactly the most authentic Jamaican experience, it's one that's perfectly suited for families with small children who enjoy animals, theme parks, and other popular attractions. You'll find plenty of modern conveniences here that make your entire vacation experience as easy as possible. Don't forget to check out the world-class shopping as well to take home some souvenirs from the trip.

Shaw Park Botanical Gardens

At Shaw Park Botanical Gardens, you'll find 25 acres of space filled with pristine walking paths surrounded by colorful flora. More than 600 species of flower can be found here along with plenty of trees, ferns, shrubs, and much more. Additionally, the entire park is set on an elevated position 900 feet above sea level, so visiting offers some scenic views of the Ocho Rios area. Given the tiered nature of the park, you can see quite a few different plants that prosper at different altitudes all in a central location. Don't forget to check out the cascading waterfall as well.

Dolphin Cove

Dolphin Cove is one of the most popular family-friendly attractions on the entire island. This natural cove surrounded by lush rainforest is home to a family of Jamaican dolphins. Your kids can get up close and personal with these friendly animals and swim alongside them in their natural habitat. Instructors will be around to offer insight as to how these dolphins behave and live. Additionally, you'll find a Jungle Trail walk that will let you and your kids spot exotic birds alongside snakes and iguanas. Snorkeling is available here as well where you can spot stingrays swimming about in a safe environment.

Mystic Mountain

When your family visits Mystic Mountain, you'll find yourself in a thrilling theme park with rides for all ages to enjoy. The bobsled ride takes passengers along a track at high speeds, while the climbing wall challenges participants to test their own physical prowess. For a more relaxed activity, you can try the Sky Explorer, which lets you check out the surrounding natural splendor from an elevated position. Alternatively, you can try out the zip line that will take you soaring through the treetops. Don't forget about the Raggamuffin ride if you want high-speed thrills on a unique coaster-like ride.

Kid-friendly resorts in Jamaica

When you're booking your accommodations, you may want to consider one of the many kid-friendly resorts in Jamaica. Here you'll find more than a home away from home. You'll be able to enjoy convenience and high-end amenities you can't get at home that provide for a luxurious and satisfying experience for the whole family. Fortunately, plenty of resorts in Jamaica are all-inclusive, making it easier than ever to get the most out of your trip. Take a look at some of the best Jamaica family resorts.

Point Village Resort

The Point Village Resort is one of the best places to book your stay in Negril. You'll find yourself close to a plethora of delicious restaurants along with easy access to a taxi to get you around town. Balconies are available at all levels, so it doesn't matter what floor your booking is on. Additionally, your family can enjoy easy access to the beach with plenty of swimming and snorkeling opportunities. Within the rental itself, you'll find a well-equipped full kitchen, so you don't have to eat out every night you're here if you don't want to.

Crane Ridge Resort

In Ocho Rios, you can book your accommodations at Crane Ridge Resort for a comfortable family stay. Here you'll find several facilities offering convenience and fun including tennis facilities, swimming pools, and more. Within your accommodation, you'll be able to enjoy a flat-screen television and a full kitchen. Several activities are available from the resort like canoeing and windsurfing. Booking your stay here also puts you close to Shaw Park Botanical Gardens and within a 5-minute walk to the beach.

Mystic Ridge Resort

At the Mystic Ridge Resort, you and your family can enjoy pampering and relaxation without breaking the bank. You can find accommodations with a full kitchen, coffee makers, and flat-screen televisions. Additionally, the elevated orientation of the resort means you can enjoy some of the best views in the Ocho Rios area. It takes about 10 minutes to reach downtown from the resort on foot and about 5 minutes to reach the beach. Breakfast is made for you every morning, and you'll also have access to an open-air restaurant next to illuminated tennis courts.