7 exciting adventures and attractions for a family vacation in Ohio

7 exciting adventures and attractions for a family vacation in Ohio

Ohio offers a world of fun and excitement for any family vacation. Whether you’re looking for amusement parks or museums, baseball and football, or rock and roll, this is a place that has something for everyone. You can visit the birthplace of commercial air travel or catch a Major League Baseball game. You can learn about John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix or climb onto a real Air Force plane. Check out some of the amazing family attractions in Ohio for your family vacation.

Celebrate Sports and Culture

Young baseball fan watches the major league baseball game

1. Take a swing at Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum

The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum celebrates the long and storied history of this great Major League Baseball franchise. It honors their achievements and accomplishments, both on the field and off, and sets up a permanent tribute to the team and their sport. You can experience educational exhibits, speakers, special events, and memorabilia from famous Reds players throughout history. Whether you’re an adult who’s been a fan of the team for decades or you’re bringing a child who has just started watching games, it’s a great option for an Ohio family vacation.

American football against a black background with copyspace to the right

2. Head for Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton celebrates the entire history of professional American football in the very city where the league was born. The museum first opened in 1963 but celebrates the entire history of pro football back to its original founding as the American Professional Football Association in 1920. From Johnny Unitas to Jerome Bettis, Jerry Rice to Joe Greene, this museum has exhibits celebrating the greatest players in history with replica lockers, memorabilia, exhibits, and presentations. It’s a must-see for any family vacation in Ohio.

A rocker is playing guitar on stage

3. Visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

At the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame you’ll discover personal effects, platinum records, outfits, and musical instruments, related to your favorite musicians from the Beatles to the Police, the Doors to Donna Summers, Metallica to U2 to Madonna, and hundreds of others. The exhibits here cover the entire history of rock and roll and pop music. The museum is in the shape of a giant glass pyramid and it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Anyone, adult or child alike, who has ever enjoyed music is sure to find this an unforgettable experience among family attractions in Ohio for a vacation.

African child eating ice cream cone with arm around Caucasian child with white background

4. Explore an ice cream factory at Velvet Ice Cream

Velvet Ice Cream in Utica is known far and wide for its delicious frosty treats, made right on site. What makes it even better is this small craft ice cream factory lets you come in and see how their delicious ice cream is created. When you take their free tour, you’ll have a chance to sample some of their most popular varieties. After the tour, you can explore the museum, grab a bite in their restaurant, let the kids run around on the playground, or even go fishing at the pond on the grounds.

Check out aerospace museums and sites for history and adventure

Inside cockpit of WWII bomber

5. Learn about aviation at the National Museum of the Air Force

The National Museum of the Air Force is one of the oldest and largest military aviation museums in the world. You can explore four full hangars of real U.S. Air Force aircraft dating from the Second World War through the Cold War. Altogether there are over 360 missiles and aircraft on display. You can get up close to and touch many of the planes. Best of all, admission to the museum is free. It’s one of the most exciting places you could go on your family vacation in Ohio.

Black and white image of Wright Brothers aircraft on beach

6. Visit the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park

The Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park is the spot where commercial air travel was born. It commemorates Orville and Wilbur Wright as well as the famed poet Paul Laurence Dunbar. All three of these men were seminal figures in the science of aeronautics, and this park and its visitor center offer a model of the Wright Brothers’ early aircraft, Junior Ranger opportunities for kids, and tours of Paul Laurence Dunbar’s home. You’ll see photos and memorabilia, artifacts and history. It’s a memorable tribute to humankind conquering the heavens.

Little caucasian boy looking astronaut space suit in museum

7. See spacecraft and moon rocks at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum

The Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio, is named for hometown son Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. It chronicles all of the contributions Ohio has made in space flight and aeronautics throughout history. Here you can see Armstrong’s spacesuits, artifacts from the Apollo space missions, and a real moon rock brought back from his journey. Exhibits trace the origins of the Space Race through the end of the Space Shuttle program. It’s an educational and exciting stop for many Ohio family vacations.