Discover opportunities for Indiana family vacations in Indianapolis and greater Indiana

A family vacation in Indiana is one of the best ways for your family to create unforgettable experiences. You can find a wide variety of attractions available that offer thrills, education, entertainment, and much more. From parks to museums, this is just a taste of what the Hoosier State can offer visitors of all ages and with varying interests. Take a look through the best options for Indiana family vacations in Indianapolis, and discover the adventure you’ll find in the greater Indiana area that's certain to keep your family entertained and satisfied.

1. The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

If your kids are looking for fun and you're looking for education, there's no better destination than the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Here, you'll find more than 120,000 artifacts among its permanent exhibits alongside rotating temporary features. In addition to its comprehensive exhibits on dinosaurs, China, and Egypt, you'll also find a carousel and a live stage performance designed for kids to enjoy.

2. Butt Drugs

Despite the name, this is one of the most popular family-friendly destinations in the state. Butt Drugs is an old-fashioned store where you'll find pharmaceuticals, of course, but that's not where the action is. You'll also find old-school soda fountains along with confections, malts, and specialty shakes. The decor and style of the shop are notably vintage as well, so the older members of your family might feel as if they've taken a step back in time when they visit.

3. Harrison County Discovery Center

At the Harrison County Discovery Center, you'll find a museum that lets your kids explore fascinating topics including nature and history. While the museum specifically focuses on Corydon and Harrison County's history and natural features, you'll find a wealth of information for your kids to learn.

4. Holiday World

In Indiana, you'll find a city called Santa Claus that celebrates Christmas all year long. One of the top features there is Holiday World, a massive theme park with seasonal attractions and plenty of rides for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Don't forget to check out the accompanying water park if you're visiting during warm weather. It offers thrilling slides and massive pools that will keep you cool.

5. Indiana Caverns

Indiana is home to a robust cave system, and the Indiana Caverns are the best place to explore those geological marvels. Part of the Binkley Cave System, their official tour will take you about 110 feet below the surface to cruise along underground waterways in a boat. It takes about 25 minutes to go through the entire tour, but you can explore the deeper caverns via kayak if you like. The minimum age for this fascinating activity is 14.

6. Golf Shores Fun Center

Mini-golf is nothing short of an American pastime, and you'll find all the mini-golf you need at Golf Shores Fun Center. The whole family can enjoy a fun challenge at both the indoor and outdoor course. The inside course is illuminated by blacklight and features jungle themes. Outside, you'll find a course with elevated holes surrounded by pools and fountains. Don't forget to stop by the arcade as well.

7. Farm LIFE

Farm LIFE is an interesting attraction in Lanesville that's an actual farm with plenty of activities for kids to enjoy. You'll find 3 different corn mazes alongside a bungee ride, pony rides, and pig racing. This is a working farm, which means this attraction is only open during the fall season.

8. Hayswood Theatre

If your family enjoys live performances, Corydon's own Hayswood Theatre is a must-visit. This modest theater is home to a local troupe that performs a wide variety of plays and musicals for more intimate audiences. This theater has cultivated a family-friendly atmosphere, so you can generally trust that every show is going to be appropriate for your little ones.

9. Squire Boone Caverns Zipline Adventures

If your Indiana family vacation brings you to Mauckport, you may want to check out the Squire Boone Caverns Zipline Adventures. On a zipline, you can soar among the treetops getting a unique perspective of Indiana. You'll find a variety of courses available with some set up for adults and others set up for children as young as 3.

10. Zimmerman Art Glass

Glass blowing is one of the more impressive artistic endeavors, and you can see it all happen in person at Zimmerman Art Glass. Not only will you find a wide variety of impressive glasswork on display and for sale, but you can also see the process in person, as they make it all on-site. Your kids will especially delight seeing demonstrations at this historic shop.

11. Harrison County Artisan Center

Fans of the arts will revel in a trip to the Harrison County Artisan Center. This particular destination is where local artists get to display their work in an ever-rotating lineup which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture. Much of the work is designed to be thought-provoking but is still interesting enough for small children to enjoy.

12. The Indianapolis Zoo

Animal lovers will find virtually endless fun at the Indianapolis Zoo thanks to its diverse animal exhibits. This place is much more than just a zoo, however, as it's also home to marine and plant life in its aquarium and botanical gardens. Kids will especially enjoy the unique animal encounter experiences.

13. O'Bannon Woods State Park

A family vacation in Indiana during the summer will always benefit from a stop at O'Bannon Woods State Park, thanks to a refreshing water slide. However, the park itself has plenty to do all year long. You can enjoy a bit of fishing, or take a boat and venture out into the water. Of course, hiking and cycling through the Harrison Crawford State Forest are always available.

14. Tibbs Drive-in Theatre

Movies are something you and your family can probably see in your hometown, but a drive-in theater can be hard to find. In Indiana, you can visit the Tibbs Drive-In Theatre, located in Indianapolis, bringing you that nostalgic feel and unique movie-going experience to your kids. You can enjoy 2 movies for the price of 1, and that includes the latest blockbuster releases.

15. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the most iconic destinations in the city. You and your family can catch a thrilling race and explore the on-site museum. Inside the museum, you'll find artifacts from different kinds of racing including IndyCar, NASCAR, Formula One, and much more.