Savannah, GA, is home to a rich history and an abundance of things to do that the whole family can enjoy. Finding Savannah, GA kid activities is as easy as walking down the street. If you want to get the most out of your vacation, however, you'll want to know the top spots in town for your kids to find fun. Discover the best spots to visit where you'll find exciting adventures suitable for adults and kids alike.

1. Shop around River Street

One of the most iconic streets in Savannah is River Street. As the name suggests, it's located right alongside the river, and it's packed with fun Savannah kid activities that the whole family can enjoy. Among the most popular activities, you'll find binoculars on the coast that let you look out onto the horizon and see South Carolina. Along with the shops and restaurants on the street, you'll find a popular candy store called River Street Sweets. That's just one of several sweet shops you'll find on the street, so your little ones are sure to find plenty of sugar and excitement.

2. Step into the past at Savannah History Museum

Savannah was one of the earliest colonial settlements in Georgia, founded in 1733. When you visit the Savannah History Museum, you can explore all that and more including Native American culture and the city's influence on classic films like Forrest Gump. This museum holds more than 10,000 items across numerous exhibits making it one of the most comprehensive in the entire coastal area. Kids will especially enjoy this museum, as it contains an array of hands-on activities and trivia games to play.

3. Explore the tranquil Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge is a massive nature preserve comprised of several waterways amidst bottomland hardwood trees. Just a few miles north of downtown, this wildlife refuge is home to seemingly endless outdoor fun whether you're looking for a relaxing hike or you're trying to spot local animals. Several different animals call this refuge home, including gallinules, alligators, and bobcats. Fortunately, they tend to stay away from the walking paths, but you'll still be able to snap photos of them in the distance. Of course, you can always opt for a bit of freshwater fishing instead.

4. See incredible creatures at the Georgia Marine Education Center and Aquarium

If your kids love fish and marine life, the Georgia Marine Education Center and Aquarium is a must-visit for your family. This is the first saltwater aquarium built in Georgia, and it features 16 tanks filled with the diverse marine life found around the state along with accompanying educational information. Some of the marine life in this aquarium was caught off the coast, just steps away, by staff at the aquarium. Your kids will especially enjoy the touch tank where they can interact with snails, crabs, and other creatures.

5. Go for a stroll through Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is one of the most iconic spots in the entire city. This inviting park is massive in size comprising more than 30 acres in the middle of the city, and it features several amenities including 2 playgrounds and a central fountain. The fountain is especially unique as it's modeled after the Place de la Concorde fountains in Paris, France. One of the most popular areas of the park is the central walking path with towering trees on either side making it feel as if you're walking through a tunnel. If you visit during October, you'll be able to see the Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra in action at the park’s outdoor concert and event space.

6. Hit up the beach at Tybee Island

Located 30 minutes from downtown Savannah, Tybee Island is the answer for any visitor to Savannah looking for beachfront fun. You'll find several beaches in the area with many stretching a mile long. These beaches can vary quite a bit with some on the ocean and others on the river. South Beach is the most popular option and can get quite crowded. Mid Beach has fewer amenities than South Beach, but there are usually less people. If your kids are interested in collecting seashells, North Beach is for you. The water is quite inviting and free of dangerous rip currents, so it's safe for kids to take a supervised swim.

7. Embark on exciting Dolphin Tours

Off the coast of Savannah and Tybee Island, you'll find opportunities to observe fun, fascinating dolphins. Fortunately, it's easy to take advantage of the city's proximity to these creatures thanks to dolphin tours. You'll venture out on a chartered boat to the spots where dolphins are most plentiful. Dolphins typically aren't very shy, so there's a good chance you'll see quite a few during the tour. Kids and adults alike will find joy in watching these charming animals swim alongside the boat.

8. Catch a game at Grayson Stadium

The first thing you need to know about Grayson Stadium is that it's not your ordinary baseball stadium. This historical monument has been home to baseball legends like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. It's still in use today, so you can see a baseball game played by the home team, the Savannah Bananas. The stadium can hold about 4,000 people, and it's quite the nostalgic experience for adults who went to baseball games when they were younger. Whether or not there’s a game underway, you’ll marvel at the fact that this destination dates back to 1926. Your kids will definitely want to see a game, so be sure to check the calendar before you visit.

9. Test your courage on Ghost tours

Savannah has a reputation for a lot of things, but one of its most infamous characteristics is how haunted the city allegedly is. It has become such an ingrained part of the local culture that ghost tours are among the most popular Savannah kid activities. The best ghost tours are at night, of course, and typically last about 90 minutes as a guide takes you to some of the most haunted spots in town. Be sure to take as many pictures as you can because spirits are reported to appear in photos, especially in the form of floating orbs.

10. See a show at the Historic Savannah Theatre

If your family enjoys seeing plays, the Historic Savannah Theatre is one of the best venues in town. This theatre dates back to 1818, and it features all the posh surroundings you'd expect from a luxury theater from the early 19th century. You'll find red plush chairs and classic red curtains on either side of the stage. Keep in mind that not every performance here is entirely family-friendly, so be sure to check what's playing before getting a ticket to ensure the whole family can have a good time.

11. Explore history at Old Fort Jackson

Old Fort Jackson is an iconic, historical military structure on the east side of the river well worth visiting if you're interested in the local history. You'll find a wide variety of attractions including the Fort Jackson Maritime Museum and relics dating back to the American Civil War. The fort is open, so you and your kids can walk the grounds freely on this historic landmark. In the evening, the views of the Savannah River are among the best in town if you're looking for a family photo.

12. See the marvelous Ellis Square fountains

If you're traveling to Savannah with young kids, the Ellis Square fountains are an especially fun destination. Toddlers will enjoy these fountains, they're free to walk in and enjoy the water spouts shooting up from the ground. Plus, there's plenty of seating around the fountain if you're looking for a place to relax. You'll find several other attractions, including shaded tables and a life-size chess set. Visit at night, and you'll find the fountains illuminated with vibrant colorful lights.

13. Find hands-on exhibits at the Savannah Children's Museum

Visiting Savannah, GA, with kids wouldn't be complete without a stop by the Savannah Children's Museum. This iconic destination was specifically designed to inspire children’s creativity and curiosity. It's set up outside, in the lower level of the old Central of Georgia Railway Carpentry shop, and you'll find several dozen exhibits your little ones can enjoy. They include a playground, a reading nook, and a sensory garden. One of the most popular exhibits is the exploration maze, which is large enough for kids to travel through in person.

14. Visit a historical home with the Davenport House

When you visit the Davenport House, you'll feel as if you've stepped back in time. It's one of the best places to discover how people lived in the early 19th century, as the historical home is filled with numerous artifacts and period-appropriate furniture. It's 6,800 square feet in total and functions like a living museum that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Young children will enjoy the well-maintained gardens on the grounds, and older kids will appreciate the historical significance and insight this house provides.

15. All aboard a trip to the Georgia State Railroad Museum

The Georgia State Railroad museum is a must-visit destination if your kids are interested in vehicles and trains. You can see a wide variety of actual trains along with several artifacts important to the history of trains in Georgia, including a fully operational turntable. The museum offers train rides on historic steam or diesel locomotives that your kids are sure to enjoy. Be sure to check out the train schedule before visiting to ensure you and your little ones don't miss the opportunity to go for a ride.