Explore things to do on a Hilton Head family vacation

Getting the most out of a Hilton Head family vacation is easy when you prioritize your accommodation and your itinerary. If you're looking for Hilton Head resorts for families, you won't have to look far. Hilton Head is home to a wide variety of resorts that can keep kids and adults alike comfortable and entertained throughout their stay. Plus, you'll find plenty of entertaining activities available that the whole family can enjoy. Discover the best resorts for families along with the top things to do with your kids in Hilton Head.

Getting to Hilton Head

Before your adventure can begin, you'll have to reach Hilton Head first. Fortunately, you'll find yourself with plenty of options available thanks to the popularity of the island. Being at the southern tip of South Carolina, it's fairly close to I-95. If you're looking to fly, however, you can arrive directly at the Hilton Head Island Airport, just 5 miles from the downtown area. The Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport is another option as well, though it's about 40 minutes away. Keep in mind that there's not much public transport within Hilton Head. There are plenty of bike trails, however, and the area is relatively small, so you could bike or walk to most places.

Discover the best Hilton Head Resorts for families

The first step to planning the ultimate Hilton Head vacation with your family is to find the right resort. You'll need one that offers enough space for your family to sleep comfortably and the luxurious amenities that you deserve when you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Don't just look for a home away from home—find something that elevates that experience even further and gives you the pampering that you've earned. Take a look at the best Hilton Head resorts for families.

Palmetto Dunes

Palmetto Dunes is a luxurious resort frequently heralded as one of the best destinations for families visiting the island. You'll find it located right along 3 miles of beachfront and top-of-the-line golf courses with a full-service marina. It even comes with an 11-mile lagoon system if you're looking to take your adventure to the water. Interestingly enough, this resort also offers the Dunes Buggy ride, which is essentially a complimentary taxi service that can take you anywhere in the resort area and to Shelter Cove Harbour.

Shipyard Plantation

When you book your family's stay at the Shipyard Plantation resort, you'll find yourself close to a variety of outdoor activities. This resort strives to feel like a home away from home—if your home was next to 27 holes of golf and 20 tennis courts. Throughout the area, you'll also find well-maintained trails for hiking and biking that are so easy to traverse you'll want to bring the kids along. This resort also features its own health spa if you're looking to be pampered.

Ocean Oaks

The Ocean Oaks resort in Hilton Head offers convenience alongside luxury, as it's in one of the best locations in town. You'll find yourself just steps away from the beach with access to an oceanfront pool and picnic area complete with charcoal grills. If your family is looking to do some shopping, Coligny Beach Park, a popular shopping complex, is just a 10-minute walk away. Within 5 miles, you can reach the island's iconic lighthouse and the stunning restaurants of Harbour Town.

Find fun outdoors on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is known for its beachfront, sunshine, and general outdoor splendor. No trip to Hilton Head kid-friendly resorts would be complete without experiencing some of the best the island can offer. Discover the best outdoor activities in Hilton Head that the whole family can enjoy.

Go kayaking

You can stick to solid ground if you like, but venturing out into the water can offer a whole new perspective on Hilton Head's natural splendor. You'll find numerous waterways throughout the island, including creeks, marshes, and inlets, in which you can paddle along in a kayak. The waters and currents are calm, so kids can keep up just fine as well. Fortunately, you don't need your own kayaks. You'll find rentals available throughout the area.

Audubon Newhall Preserve

Hilton Head resorts for families tend to put you close to the beach, but a visit to Audubon Newhall Preserve offers an entirely new perspective on the natural world of this island. You'll find several nature trails spread throughout this vibrant area, with opportunities for bird-watching, hiking, and biking. You can explore unique ecosystems and learn more about the foundation of Hilton Head's wildlife.

Find fun indoors

Unfortunately, journeying outside in Hilton Head isn't always possible. While the sun can certainly shine, it does rain now and then. That doesn't have to get in the way of your family having fun, however, as there are numerous activities to enjoy indoors. Check out the top indoor activities on Hilton Head Island.

The Art Cafe

If you want to test your family's creative side, head to The Art Cafe. This local establishment near Coligny Beach Park lets you express yourself through painting a wide variety of pieces. You'll be provided with all the supplies and canvas you need whether you're looking to paint on a flat surface or a 3-dimensional item such as a bit of pottery.

Coligny Theatre

When it's raining out, one of the best activities available is seeing a movie. If you're going to see a movie when out on vacation, however, the theater needs to offer something unique. Fortunately, that's exactly what you'll find with Coligny Theatre. This theater was built to be notably upscale, and it shows much more than the latest blockbusters. It specializes in art-house films, so your entire family can enjoy something a bit more unique. Just check the rating first to make sure the film is family friendly.