Nashville is known as Music City, with a rich history of giving rise to iconic musicians and incredible venues showcasing immense talent. While you can still get a taste of that today, your family can enjoy an incredibly diverse array of attractions. The immense number of things to do with kids in Nashville makes it easy for families of all kinds to enjoy their trip to this Tennessee city. Whether you're interested in live music, fun games, historical sites, or virtually anything else, you'll find it in and around this legendary city. Take a look at the best attractions for kids in Nashville to plan your next vacation.

1. Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is one of the most iconic destinations in the city, and many legendary musicians have graced the stage here. You can catch a show here, as they host one at least once a week. Even when there isn't a performance, however, you can embark on a tour of this historic venue. The tour will take you and your family backstage into the dressing rooms and beyond where you'll also learn about the venue's fascinating history. Kids can enjoy both sides of this attraction, as the tour feels exclusive while the shows themselves are entertaining and family-friendly.

2. Hop On Hop Off

When you visit Nashville, your journey may take you to the Hop On Hop Off bus no matter what your plans are. Not only can you use it to travel throughout town efficiently, but this bus serves as an attraction of its own. It's an impressive double-decker bus complete with an experienced guide who will point out stunning sights you won't want to miss out on. These include iconic recording studios and popular neighborhoods. Even kids can enjoy looking out the window and seeing the variety of things to do in town.

3. Belle Meade Plantation

The Belle Meade Plantation is a popular destination to visit for families who are interested in local history. While the historical portion of the tour can be quite dark at times, it showcases an important part of history that kids should know. For something more lighthearted, you'll find impressive horse stables and a well-maintained lawn during the tour. Plus, adults can enjoy a short wine tasting at the end. Meanwhile, kids can enjoy several activities including hands-on crafts.

4. The Escape Game Nashville

If your kids are a bit older, one of the best family things to do in Nashville is an escape game. The Escape Game Nashville offers a thrilling and challenging experience for families in which you'll have an hour to solve clues and find your way out of a sealed room. Up to 8 people can be in the same group and play at the same time, and you can choose between a variety of different themes for the room. If the clues get too tough, you can always ask for a few hints along the way. The staff here does everything they can to make the experience as much fun as possible without needless frustrations.

5. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

If your family is interested in country music, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is one of the best locations in the city to visit. You'll find a wide variety of exhibits on display that showcase country music legends with artifacts from throughout the genre's history. Kids will especially enjoy their visit thanks to the scavenger hunt game available along with the designated children's play area. Adults can find fun in the recording studio section where you can record, play back, and save your own music.

6. Frist Art Museum

The Frist Art Museum is an iconic destination in town that showcases a wide variety of art for both kids and adults. The photography collection is particularly appealing to adults, while children can check out the designated kids' section with its interactive activities. They can enjoy sketching, painting, and even building. Of course, parents are welcome to join their kids in making artistic creations, too, which is a satisfying bonding experience.

7. Adventure Science Center

The Adventure Science Center is a thrilling destination for families who are interested in learning and finding fun. You'll find a variety of different activities available here including the TinkerLab, which lets kids build all sorts of structures. Plus, your kids can enjoy a climbing structure in the middle of the museum that offers a peak with stunning views of the city. Don't forget to let your kids check out the farting slide. The name is no accident, as this fun slide was designed to make hilarious sounds every time a kid slides down.

8. Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

You don't have to book a stay at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center to enjoy all it has to offer. In fact, you can visit completely free of charge, as it welcomes everyone to take part in its many offerings. You'll find a delta river that flows by a garden conservatory alongside a stunning waterfall. While there are plenty of walking paths around the area, you can take a boat ride through the river as well. Don't forget to check out the restaurants and shops in the resort area, too.

9. Centennial Park

Centennial Park is one of the most iconic destinations in the city with vibrant greenery and impressive statuary. While you'll find plenty of walking paths, the star of this show is a replica of the Greek Parthenon in Athens. You'll even find a 24-foot statue of Athena within, crafted with intricate details. Just keep in mind that access to the inside of the Parthenon does require a small fee. The rest of the park is free to access, however, so your family may want to stop by to see the impressive flora and well-kept paths.

10. Musicians Corner

If you visit the city during the spring, you can enjoy Musicians Corner, a popular event that includes a wide variety of outdoor concerts and festivals. You'll find a wide variety of genres on display here, and much of it is family-friendly. Plus, it won't cost anything to attend any of the events, so it's an ideal destination when looking for Nashville kid activities on a budget. You'll also find several food trucks on-site offering the famous street food the city is known for.

11. Cumberland Park

Cumberland Park is a hidden gem in the city that's a must-visit destination if your family is interested in relaxing outdoor fun. You'll find plenty of walking paths alongside gentle hills made for little kids to play on. This is all located next to the banks of the river. Your kids will certainly enjoy the playground with its slide and rock wall. When you visit this park, don't forget to take advantage of the walking bridge that will take you and your family directly to downtown. With this kind of convenience, it is a good first destination on a day when you want to explore the downtown area.

12. Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo is one of the most popular destinations in town for kids to enjoy. You'll find a variety of different animals that make their home here, including baby kangaroos and tortoises that kids are sure to enjoy. In total, you'll find more than 6,200 animals from 340 different species. Some of the animals can even be interacted with directly, which is an experience your little ones won't soon forget. Kids can also enjoy the train ride and a jungle gym area if they ever get tired of seeing all the different animals on display.

13. Fannie Mae Dees Park

At Fannie Mae Dees Park, you'll find plenty to see and do all around lush green spaces that the whole family can enjoy. This park is often referred to as Dragon Park, thanks to the massive dragon statue located in the park that's covered in vibrant mosaic tiles. While the dragon installation is impressive enough on its own, you'll also find a place to have picnics, plenty of playground equipment, and a splash pad that kids and even toddlers can enjoy. All the play areas have convenient seating for adults to keep an eye on their little ones.

14. Nashville Children's Theatre

Theater performances can be too long for some kids, but the Nashville Children's Theatre specializes in keeping your little ones entertained. You'll find a wide variety of performances held on the stage here, but that's just the beginning. Your kids can also enjoy fun acting classes and other programs that not only are incredibly fun, but they also offer valuable knowledge and skills for kids who are looking to pursue careers in performing arts. Be sure to check the schedule before you visit so you know exactly what's on and when the next show is.

15. Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is one of the most iconic destinations in the city where you and your family can see impressive wax figures of popular people whom everyone knows. The museum in Nashville is home to a wide variety of legendary celebrities including ones your kids will be thrilled to see, like Bruno Mars. In fact, most of the figures here depict popular musicians, fully embracing Nashville's identity as Music City. Of course, you can enjoy the classic musicians on display as well including rock and jazz legends.

16. Honky Tonk Highway

Honky Tonk Highway is known primarily for being the center of Nashville's nightlife, but you'll find a surprising amount of things for families to do here during the day. While the street is lined with gastropubs, you'll find several delicious restaurants as well that offer delicious food long before the sun goes down. Even during the night, however, it's not uncommon to see kids around whether their families are looking for a meal or taking in a concert performance at one of the venues in the area. Many of the music venues here offer free entry, though there are capacity limits.

17. BB King's

When you visit BB King's, you and your family can enjoy an unforgettable experience. Not only will you find yourself at one of the top restaurants in Nashville, but you can enjoy jazz and blues as well with live performances and a dance floor. The food is absolutely stunning and includes items like ribs that are arguably the most popular in town. Adults will be happy to see the array of specialty drinks on offer as well. Plus, the restaurant is conveniently located near a wide variety of other attractions, so it makes for the perfect dinner destination before your family calls it a day.

18. Nashville Haunted Ghost Tours

If you're feeling brave and adventurous, you and your family can check out Nashville Haunted Ghost Tours. Nashville's reputation mostly centers around music, but it's also a popular destination for paranormal enthusiasts. When you embark on a tour, you'll be taken to some of the most allegedly haunted places in town like the Ryman Auditorium and President Polk's Tomb. Along the way, the guide will regale you with spooky tales about local history and ghost sightings. You can even book a tour that takes you around in a hearse.

19. Treetop Adventure Park

If your kids are looking for more active activities, there's nothing quite like Treetop Adventure Park. You and your kids can climb up into an obstacle course in the trees where you'll find more than 100 different obstacles that are both fun and challenging. Several difficulty levels are available throughout the obstacles, and you can choose which ones you want to try. You'll find cargo nets, suspended bridges, zip lines, and Tarzan swings. Given the variety in difficulty, even small children can find fun around the easy obstacles.

20. Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

Nashville is packed full of historical sights, and Andrew Jackson's Hermitage is among the most iconic. This was the former home of the 7th president of the country, and you can book a guided tour or explore the place at your own pace. You'll learn all about the vicious hierarchy of power that operated here and discover what life was like for the poor enslaved people who used to live on the grounds. Some parents may feel as if the subject matter is too dark for young kids, but the educational value is put at the forefront of all the activities here. Plus, kids will certainly enjoy the horse-drawn wagon version of the tour.

21. Nashville Shores Waterpark

Nothing offers family fun quite like a water park. At Nashville Shores Waterpark, you'll find virtually endless fun among 1 million gallons of water. Within this park, you'll find 8 unique water slides along with a fun and massive wave pool. If you're looking to relax while your kids run around, you can lie back in the lazy river. Don't forget to check out Kowabunga Beach as well for some sandy fun that's complemented by a treehouse and playground area that your kids are sure to enjoy.

22. Adventureworks

If you're looking for adrenaline-inducing fun, look no further than Adventureworks. Here you'll find 40 acres of fun near Harpeth River State Park just 25 miles outside of Nashville proper. You'll find numerous zip-line courses here that vary quite a bit offering a variety of different experiences. These include canopy tours, twilight tours, and sweetheart tours. They even have haunted tours if you're looking for a more spooky experience. Plus, it's an iconic spot for children's birthday parties, as they have all the facilities necessary for that kind of fun.

23. Cheekwood

Cheekwood is a massive estate encompassing 55 acres that offers a sprawling botanical garden that the whole family can enjoy. When you visit, you can explore a plethora of vibrant colors and plant life including species you wouldn't normally find in the Tennessee area. Plus, it's home to several seasonal festivals, so be sure to check their calendar before visiting to see what's on. Don't forget to explore the local art exhibitions as well, which are always appropriate for visitors of all ages.

24. Lucky Ladd Farms

If your kids are interested in animals, Lucky Ladd Farms is one of the best destinations in Nashville. You'll find more than 60 acres of space with activities that kids can enjoy, with most centered around the friendly animals found here. They include a petting zoo, hayrides, and thrilling playgrounds. The Farm Fun Park is a popular attraction here as well, especially if your kids take part in the mega slides where they can experience high-speed thrills. You'll find a variety of fresh produce for sale here as well if you want to pick up any ingredients to try a taste of Tennessee farming.