Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is both a picturesque mountain town and a popular vacation destination. It's best known as the home of Dollywood, but beyond this, you'll find tons of Pigeon Forge kid activities. Among the wide range of fun, from carnival and theme park-style attractions to educational experiences, you'll find thrill rides, great food, educational fun, and a world of other experiences. A family trip to Pigeon Forge can offer an entire world of family adventure and the kind of wonderful memories you'll carry with you for years.

Visit a world of theme parks and carnival rides

1. Ride iconic amusement attractions at Dollywood theme park

Dollywood amusement park is spread over 150 acres and is located right in the heart of downtown. It's a traditional theme park with roller coasters, and over 3 million people come here every year because of its family-friendly rides and attractions. The food is great, the scenery photo-worthy, the rides a ton of fun, and the Pigeon Forge kid activities are nearly endless. If you get lucky, you might even get a chance to spot Dolly Parton herself walking around the park.

2. Walk the Island in Pigeon Forge promenade

The Island in Pigeon Forge is a local attraction that has long been a popular destination for family fun in Pigeon Forge. You can discover everything from great food and awesome shopping to games and lodging, all in 1 family-friendly promenade. Here, you can play a round of laser tag with the family, try out a 7D dark ride that will engage all your senses, visit the Alcatraz East Crime Museum, or try one of the local escape rooms. You can navigate a mirror maze, ride bumper cars, or take an old-time photo after hitting the shooting gallery, and those are just a few of the options you've got at hand.

3. Ride the thrill rides at The Track

The Track is a family amusement center that is positively stuffed with family things to do in Pigeon Forge. This place offers just about everything you could possibly want, with entertainment for kids and grownups alike aged 5 to 95. You can hop on the go-karts and zip around the track, racing your family to the finish line. The pulse-pumping roller coaster will kick up your heart rate, while blaster boats let you shoot each other with water cannons.

4. Play in the snow in summer at Pigeon Forge Snow

Have you ever wanted to race your friends on snow tubes down a chute in the middle of the summer heat? You can at Pigeon Forge Snow. There's no need to book in advance here; you can get a tube and ride down real snow all year round here. If you're not into racing, you can build snowmen and snow forts, have snowball fights and enjoy all kinds of winter fun. Best of all, it's 100% real snow—no chemicals, just water.

Try other exciting kid activities in Pigeon Forge

5. Go to a wizard academy at MagiQuest Pigeon Forge

"Harry Potter" will be a cultural phenomenon for many years. Because of this series, every kid dreams of running off to wizard school. At MagiQuest Pigeon Forge, they can do exactly that. At this interactive treasure hunt game, the entire family can have a blast armed with magic wands and clue books to find treasure in a range of different environs, from a goblin chamber to a dragon dungeon and fairy forest. Can you defeat the evil Goblin King and dragon to find the treasure you seek?

6. Bounce all day at TopJump Trampoline Park

If the weather isn't quite cooperating, family fun in Pigeon Forge doesn't have to end. At TopJump Trampoline Park, kids can run, jump, flip, and bounce on dozens of trampolines all day long. It's been called the most exciting trampoline park in Pigeon Forge, and that may be true. Here, you can enjoy so many fun activities even beyond trampolines. You can play dodgeball, head for the arcade for video games, try a climbing wall, and even fight in a gladiator pit.

7. Fun and education collide at Wonderworks downtown

Located in the heart of downtown, Wonderworks is a wild and wonderful place where science, technology, education, and adventure all become one. Kids will have a blast with the hands-on exhibits and might not even realize they're learning something at the same time. Wonderworks may be known for its upside-down façade outside, but it's the king of fun kid activities in Pigeon Forge because of the educational adventure inside.