Discover the top things to do with kids in Sedona

When you take a family vacation in Sedona, you'll find a vast array of exciting things to do. Whether you're interested in the region's natural splendor or you want to explore the rich culture and history of the city, you'll find no shortage of things to do that the whole family will love. If you want to create the ultimate vacation experience, you'll need to pad out the itinerary with unique activities that your family will enjoy. Finding things to do with kids in Sedona is easy when you consider just how much is available. Take a look through the top activities in the area and discover what's best for your family.

1. Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park is one of the most iconic destinations in the area and a must-see for your family vacation in Sedona, especially if you're looking for a fun nature trip. It's home to the Cathedral Rock, which is such a staple of Arizona that it's the rock formation you'll often see on postcards and other images showing off the state. You'll find several hiking trails here, but the Eagle's Nest Loop is the most popular, as it allows you to reach the highest point in the park. The trail is also fairly easy to traverse, so your little ones won't have any trouble making the hike.

2. Sedona Airport Overlook

The Sedona Airport Overlook offers incredible views of the sunset that even the kids will appreciate. As the end of the day approaches, you'll see the sun begin to set in the valley below this viewpoint, with all the radiant oranges and reds piercing through the sky. This viewpoint also has an unobscured view to the east, which means you can enjoy the sunrise as well. Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot Rock are both perfectly illuminated during the sunrise, creating an awe-inspiring experience.

3. Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross has much to offer whether you're religious or not, as the building and viewpoint on their own are enough to capture the attention of both kids and adults. The building is crafted in a striking modernist style with sleek lines and massive windows and is set against the backdrop of rugged terrain and towering rock formations sporting the red sandy coloring that Arizona is known for. This destination is filled with serenity and offers some of the best shots in Sedona for capturing photos of your Sedona family vacation.

4. Slide Rock State Park

While the name Slide Rock State Park may make you imagine a park full of impressive geological formations, that's just the beginning of what this destination has to offer. You'll also find an apple farm here where you can pick some fresh fruit yourself. The park also has a natural water slide, so be sure to come prepared to get wet if you want to take advantage of everything this park has to offer. The waterways and hiking trails are safe and easy enough for kids of virtually all ages to enjoy, so it's an ideal stop when you're visiting Sedona with kids.

5. Bell Rock Pathway

The Bell Rock Pathway is an easy hike that links Sedona proper to the smaller village of Oak Creek. The trail is 3.5 miles long in total, and it offers incredible views of several landmarks in the area. You can see the Courthouse Butte as well as Bell Rock, of course. Given the ease of this trail, it's one of the best available for families who are trying to introduce their kids to hiking. It should take less than 2 hours to complete the entire trail at a normal pace, so you'll have plenty of time left in the day to explore other fun Sedona kid activities.

When you visit Exposures International Gallery, you can see works by legendary contemporary artists in one of the world's largest art collections. Represented here are artists like Penelope Bushman, Tesa Michaels, Kim Obrzut, and Rebecca Tobey. The gallery features 20,000 square feet of display space with both permanent and temporary exhibits you won't want to miss out on. The art is family friendly as well, so your kids can enjoy the paintings, sculptures, glasswork, and other artistic creations just as much as you can.

7. Sedona Heritage Museum

If your family is interested in diving into the history of this city, look no further than the Sedona Heritage Museum. This destination has a treasure trove of knowledge relating to the history of this legendary city, with exhibits showcasing what the Wild West was like and Sedona's experience with wine-making. There's even a display detailing the city's history with filmmaking, complete with a movie set. Kids will also enjoy the gift shop that's stocked plenty of fun souvenirs to take home to remember their family vacation in Sedona.

8. Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village is a unique destination where you can explore what Old Mexico was like. A fun stop when you're in Sedona with kids, this village has a variety of shops and restaurants that showcase a unique Mexican flair, but that's just the beginning. Several art galleries are available as well, many of which have impressive pieces for sale. Younger kids especially will delight in the large toy store here, Tlaquepaque Toy Town. Even if you don't plan to do much shopping, the iconic aesthetic of this village on its own is fun to see and explore.

9. Verde Canyon Railroad

The Verde Canyon Railroad is a popular attraction for families vacationing in Sedona who are looking to explore the stunning sights from a relaxing ride. This railroad will take your family through red rock canyons where you'll find yourself on the precipice of absolutely breathtaking views. If you're looking for a more luxurious experience, you can book your family a first-class trip with a variety of treats for you and the kids, including champagne for the adults. The first-class ride also grants access to an open-air carriage, which is perfect for any photographers in your family.

10. Boynton Canyon Trail

Boynton Canyon Trail offers one of the most family-friendly hiking paths in the area. You'll find impressive scenery and sights, including a diverse array of flora like oak trees and maple trees. These trees make a good portion of this trail seem like a path through the forest, despite Arizona being mostly desert. Sedona is also known for its geographic areas of strong, healing energy, known as vortexes, and Boynton Canyon Trail is home to one of the most renowned vortexes in Sedona. Whether you come to experience the vortex or simply to soak up the scenery along the family-friendly trail, this is a great nature experience when you visit Sedona with kids.

11. Out of Africa Wildlife Park

When you're visiting Sedona with kids, a trip to Out of Africa Wildlife Park can add a whole new kind of adventure to the experience. It's located about 40 minutes outside of the city by car, and it's home to a variety of exotic animals, including tigers, grizzly bears, and zebras. You'll even find giraffes and black leopards as well. This destination also offers shows that kids are sure to love, including one in which tigers in a pool play around with balls and another that highlights impressive giant snakes.

12. West Fork Trail

Sedona is packed full of walking trails, but West Fork Trail is among the most impressive. This trail is family friendly and typically suitable for kids ages 6 and older. It includes fun obstacles like walking across logs and stepping stones by a flowing shallow creek, and the creek on the canyon floor has 13 different crossings. While you're on the trail, you'll also find vibrant vegetation and an array of impressive rock formations formed by millions of years of geologic activity in the area.

13. Montezuma Castle

Montezuma Castle is located just south of Sedona, and it's an important piece of history. Similar in function to modern high-rise apartments, this incredible structure is a pre-Columbian cliff dwelling that's built directly into the cliff by Native Americans who inhabited the area hundreds of years ago. You'll find a variety of archaeological discoveries on display in the area, with each contributing to a larger story of ingenuity, culture, and prosperity among the Sinagua People. You can even check out special lessons for kids to learn more about the rich history here.

14. Blazin' M Ranch

At Blazin' M Ranch, you'll find a family-friendly experience that leans hard into the classic Old West experience. While you may not find strictly historically accurate attractions here, you'll find plenty of fun that the kids are sure to enjoy. This attraction is constructed to look like an Old-West town and features a general store, shows to see, a saloon, and even lasso lessons. Don't forget to check out the old-time photo studio, where you can dress up in period clothing and get a unique souvenir photo of your Sedona family vacation.

15. Pink Adventure Tours

Given the rugged terrain of Sedona, one of the best ways to hit the trails is with a capable off-roader. That's exactly what you'll find with Pink Adventure Tours, and you don't even have to drive yourself. Instead, you can book a trip that will take you along a picturesque trail in a Jeep Wrangler helmed by a professional driver who conquers rocky obstacles while you relax and take photos. This backcountry tour is ideal if you're looking for fun things to do with kids in Sedona, especially if your kids enjoy adventure.

16. Uptown Sedona

When you're visiting Sedona, be sure to take some time to explore the city itself. Uptown Sedona is home to a wide variety of attractions suitable for kids and adults alike. You'll find boutique shopping, art galleries, and even home decor. Numerous Native American-owned shops are set up here as well, so it's one of the best destinations for unique jewelry and artworks. Additionally, you'll find specialty stores, including one that sells handmade candles with alluring scents that are sure to draw the whole family in.

17. Devil's Bridge Trail

The Devil's Bridge Trail certainly has an imposing name, but it's actually a popular destination for families in Sedona with kids. The way up can be a bit of work, so some younger children may not be able to handle the trip, but if you have an off-road capable vehicle, you can drive to the trailhead fairly easily. From there, it's a simple walk to the largest natural sandstone arch in the area. It may seem quite narrow when you look at pictures of it taken from the side, but when you're actually on it, it's much wider than you'd think.

18. Soldier Pass

At Soldier Pass, you'll find an easy trail that the whole family can enjoy that conveniently starts in the city. Additionally, it features quite a few shaded areas along the path, so it's fairly easy to stay cool even on the hottest days. As you venture out along this trail, it may not seem so much like a trail at first, but if you keep to it, you'll find yourself met with absolutely breathtaking views of the Sedona backcountry. You can traverse this trail on foot if you like, but it's also friendly to bikes. Several caves can be found along this trail if you're looking for some additional opportunities for exploration.

19. Amitabha Stupa

The Amitabha Stupa and its accompanying Peace Park is a popular stop if you're looking for unrivaled serenity on your family vacation in Sedona. This destination is home to sacred architecture and prayer flags and is especially sacred to Buddhists, so guests are asked to show respect when visiting. At the site, presenters offer important information about the stupa and the Buddhist tradition that is fascinating and rewarding to people of all faiths and those with none at all. Additionally, you'll find several nature trails in the area.

20. Broken Arrow Trail

If you're looking for an easy hiking trail, Broken Arrow Trail may be your best bet. This trail is just a mile long, and the terrain is easy to traverse on foot or on a bike. Even small children are typically able to handle this trail, so you don't have to hesitate to take anyone along for the adventure. Additionally, several guided tours are available if you want to see the iconic red rocks from a private section of the trail only traversable via Jeep tour.

21. Sedona Stargazing

If you're looking for a family-friendly adventure after the sun goes down, Sedona Stargazing is a great Sedona kid activity. You can embark on a celestial adventure gazing into the starry sky, unbothered by light pollution you'd normally find in the more populated areas. During your experience, you'll be guided by professional astronomers who not only have decades of experience studying the stars but who also come equipped with high-powered laser pointers and telescopes to help you spot incredible astronomical phenomena. You'll see stars, of course, but you can also look out to the planets and beyond into the far reaches of the galaxy.

22. Palatki Ruins

History and architecture buffs will enjoy a trip to the Palatki Ruins. These ruins date back hundreds of years and are built directly into the rock faces. You can book a guided tour through the ruins to learn all about their history and construction. There are 3 distinct trails in the area as well, with 1 that takes you to the dwellings themselves, 1 that offers picturesque views of the dwelling, and another that showcases pictographs from a multitude of different native cultures. While the trails are largely accessible, they aren't open to wheelchairs and strollers.

At the Son Silver West Gallery, you'll find an incredible shopping opportunity for the perfect gift or souvenir of your Sedona family vacation to take home. The shop here includes pottery and wind chimes along with a wide array of assorted knick-knacks. The artwork is especially impressive, however, as you'll find wall art for your home along with stunning glassware. Kids will also find items to enjoy, including a selection of toys and artwork that may speak to them. You'll even find metal yard art here that can make your home really stand out with a stunning artistic creation on the lawn.