If you're looking for unforgettable family fun, there's nothing quite like a trip to Texas. The top attractions for kids in Texas encompass a wide variety of activities that cover an array of interests to keep the whole family happy. You'll find things to do that can take an entire day, and others that are best to enjoy for just an hour or 2. Whether you're looking for a few things to enjoy or you want to hit as many attractions as you can, you won't have to go far to enjoy the top attractions for kids in Texas.

1. Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is one of the most iconic attractions in all of Texas. This is where astronauts aboard Apollo 13 called to tell Houston they had a problem. When your family visits, you can embark on a tour of the facility and learn more about the space program. You'll also find quite a few fascinating artifacts on display including moon rocks and equipment used in Mercury, Apollo, and other space missions. Plus, you'll find a rocket display and a space simulator letting your kids feel what it's like to be an astronaut.

2. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

You'll find no shortage of theme parks in Texas, but Six Flags Fiesta Texas is among the best. You'll find a wide variety of rides available including thrilling coasters and an accompanying water park. Kids will especially enjoy their trip here thanks to the age-appropriate rides and Looney Tunes characters giving out autographs in the park. You'll find several restaurants within the theme park as well. With all of this combined, a trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas could easily last all day long.

3. Natural Bridge Caverns

If your family is full of adventurous types, you'll want to visit the Natural Bridge Caverns in the San Antonio area. This passage of caves was formed thousands of years ago and is home to impressive geological formations. Kids will especially enjoy themselves as these caves include mining for gems and a maze. Consider staying until sundown if you want to see thousands of bats fly from the cave in a massive cloud. Kids ages 5 and up will be able to participate in just about everything here.

4. Joyland Amusement Park

Fun parks are found throughout the state, and Joyland Amusement Park is one of the top destinations for kid-friendly things to do in Texas. You'll find roller coasters here along with a swinging gondola and a free-fall tower. Water rides are available as well to keep visitors cool in the warm Texas sun. Additionally, you'll find go-karts if you're interested in challenging your family to a race. While some of the rides can get pretty intense, you'll find plenty suited for kids as young as 3.

5. Silver Spur Ranch

Ranches are common in the Lone Star State, but the Silver Spur Ranch offers something special. Here, you and your family can enjoy all the typical offerings of a ranch like horseback rides, but it goes out of its way to showcase the iconic Texas lifestyle. The horse trails are well-maintained, but you'll also find a swimming pool at the ranch if you're looking to cool down on a hot day. Plus, simple hiking is available as well with trails easy enough that even young kids can traverse them. If you're looking to try new things, trick roping is also available here, which is a popular Texan pastime.

6. National Butterfly Center

At the National Butterfly Center, you and your family can enjoy a rich butterfly sanctuary with thousands of butterflies of various species. If the temperature is greater than 65 degrees, you can see just about all of these species out and fluttering about. Kids always love chasing butterflies, but you can also explore the vibrant plants that often hide cocoons and chrysalises. The sanctuary covers 100 acres of land, so your family will have plenty of room to get out and explore everything it has to offer.

7. Children's Museum Houston

Children's Museum Houston is designed for kids with attractions that inspire creativity and curiosity. The displays cover a wide variety of topics, including those that teach kids about the bits of everyday life that school doesn't cover, like operating an ATM. Of course, more academic topics are explored here as well, like physics at the Newton Know-How exhibit. Cyberchase is popular with kids interested in computers, while the Maker Annex lets kids try and make new things of their own.

8. Lake Travis

If your family is looking for a day at the lake, Lake Travis has everything you need. You'll find pools designated for adults and children that let you add some variety to your experience. Additionally, this lake has special attractions for kids like a pirate ship-themed play area and an obstacle course called Gator's Crossing. Of course, you can venture out onto the water yourself in a boat rental or charter. Additionally, you'll find a restaurant on-site that offers exquisite food for adults alongside kid-friendly favorites like pizza and burgers.

9. Texas Air and Space Museum

Future pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and simply curious kids will enjoy a trip to the Texas Air and Space Museum. You'll find a variety of exhibits here including planes that offer a real-life view into how these impressive machines function. Plus, you'll find simulators that will let your kids experience what it's like to fly a plane and even go into space. Passionate experts are here to offer tours and provide valuable insight into what it's like to fly, as well as the history of this impressive achievement of humanity.

10. Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science has more hands-on exhibits than you might expect, so it's one of the most popular attractions for kids in Texas. You'll find a variety of attractions covering virtually all aspects of natural science including a butterfly center and a planetarium. Additionally, the observatory lets your kids use a powerful telescope to gaze into the stars. Plus, this museum contains a giant-screen theater for additional educational and entertaining material for visitors to enjoy.

11. Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World is an iconic family destination in Texas that features an array of life-size dinosaur models. This place is simultaneously an education center, museum, and playground designed to cultivate kids' natural interest in these ancient and magnificent reptiles. Not only do their slides and displays offer fun for the entire family, but the park is even dog-friendly, so you don't have to leave any member of your family behind. Plus, they frequently host "Jurassic Park" marathons among their life-size dinosaur models.

12. San Antonio River Walk

In San Antonio, one of the top spots for families is the River Walk. This area of town right next to the river offers serene walks you can enjoy along with shops and restaurants to keep kids entertained. Additionally, this area has numerous art galleries to explore, with many offering pieces for sale to bring home an expression of San Antonio created by a local. In fact, every aspect of the River Walk is positively Texan, with most restaurants offering traditional Texas fare as well.

13. The Alamo

One of the most iconic and well-known historic sites in all of Texas is The Alamo. This is the site where the Battle of the Alamo was fought in 1836, forever cementing itself in local history. The entire area has been well-preserved, and you and your family can explore buildings that are centuries old. Plus, this destination frequently offers reenactments of the legendary battle that you can see if you visit during the right time. Be sure to check the calendar beforehand to see when the reenactments are being held.

14. KidZania

KidZania is one of the more unique children's museums found in the state of Texas. Located in Frisco, this destination offers kids an opportunity to try out a variety of different jobs with over 100 in total. Some of the most popular jobs for kids to try out are firefighter, surgeon, pilot, and veterinarian. Even jobs like podcaster have their own special exhibit here. The kids won't be working for free, either. All of the jobs pay their "workers" in KidZos, which is the currency for the museum that kids can spend on souvenirs and other experiences.

15. Amarillo Zoo

Animal lovers and kids of all kinds can enjoy a trip to the Amarillo Zoo. This 15-acre property housed within Thompson Park is relatively small compared to big-city zoos, but it has a lot of wonders inside to explore. You'll find over 80 distinct species here including animals like kangaroos, lions, and massive snakes. Live animal shows are held here along with zookeeper talks on weekends and throughout the summer. Keep in mind that the animals are most active in the morning, so plan your visit accordingly.

16. National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature

The National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature is a legendary museum where you and your kids can explore the fascinating world of artwork made for children's books. You'll find numerous exhibits showcasing original art designed to let kids' minds run wild. Be sure to check the calendar before going, as the illustrators themselves often come by to give presentations and answer questions, making it the perfect destination for aspiring illustrators. Additionally, you can enjoy family art activities held every Saturday.

17. Gator Country

Gator Country is one of the more unique animal sanctuaries in Texas. As the name suggests, this destination is home to hundreds of alligators and crocodiles that you and your family can see in action. With help from staff experts, you and your little ones can learn more about these fascinating animals with hands-on experiences. You can even book a boat tour that will take you through the swamp where you'll not only be able to spot gators but also see a variety of bird species in the area.

18. Franklin Drive Thru Safari

Embarking on a safari is one of the more memorable experiences a family can have, and you can enjoy one right in Texas. Franklin Drive Thru Safari features 100 acres of space with exotic animals like monkeys, giraffes, and zebras. You can embark on a guided tour that offers much more information about the animals that live here, but you're also free to take your own journey. Certain animals can even be hand-fed, which is something that kids tend to love more than anything else. For an extra cost, you can visit the baby animal room with adorable creatures to interact with.