See wildlands and mountains while on family vacation in Montana

A family vacation in Montana can offer a wide range of excitement and adventure. Here you can see landmarks in world-famous national parks. You can visit world heritage sites and walk the avenues of historic copper mining towns or the paths of famous expeditions from the early days of our nation. Of course, you can also go skiing down legendary slopes.

From mountain climbing to hiking and canoeing, from museums to dinosaur fossils, things to do with kids in Montana are endless. Check out some of the opportunities for vacation adventures here, and get started making the memories of a lifetime.

Have an outdoor adventure

1. Visit the World Heritage Site of Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park has been hailed as among the most beautiful places in Montana. It's got panoramic views in every direction. You can see where the Rocky Mountains encircle the Glacier Lake shoreline. You can travel the Sun Road for 2 hours of scenic drive with waterfalls, mountain views, and enchanting sites.

Organized activities in the park include whitewater rafting excursions and boating. You can get out on the lake for fishing and swimming. Of course, if you're into hiking, the more than 700 miles will take your breath away.

2. See Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park actually straddles three states: Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. You can enter the park at two major entrances in Montana, and either West Yellowstone or Gardiner can form fantastic bases for your Yellowstone explorations. You can walk one of the most famous parks in the world, witness Old Faithful during its eruptions, and see one of the only pure herds of wild bison left on the continent.

At Yellowstone, you can hear wolves howling at the moon and witness all the wonder and grandeur of nature all in this pristine, unspoiled land. Before heading out, be sure to visit one of the local outfitters to get all the gear you need!

3. Walk the paths of history at the Lewis and Clark Trail

The famed expedition of Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery wound their way through Montana and their trail is well marked, with many themed attractions along the way. You can walk or even paddle these routes to experience their accomplishments on Montana family vacations. You can explore several different road trips that are themed around the expedition to enjoy it in different ways each time.

Be sure to stop off in Great Falls and visit the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center. This place gives you education, exhibits, maps, and even information about nearby significant sites.

4. Find fossils on the Montana Dinosaur Trail

The Montana Dinosaur Trail takes you on a journey through all the various paleontology sites across the state's North Central region. You can base your trick from several different cities to get easy access to many of the sites along the trail for your family vacation in Montana. Some Montana family resorts may even offer guided tours.

Montana is rich in dinosaur fossils, and many significant finds have happened here. If you're lucky as you take the kids on your travels, you might even find a dinosaur bone of your very own to take home with you.

Explore famous cities and towns in Montana

5. See a famous Copper Boomtown at Butte

Butte is world-famous for its status as an Old West copper boomtown. Today it maintains this air of history and old-world charm with its wealth of relics and attractions that fascinate visitors on Montana family vacations from all over. You can visit places like the World Museum of Mining, witness gigantic earth-moving equipment, and even take an underground tour of a real, functional mine.

If walking the paths of history excites you, you can wander through a living history museum of a reconstructed old mining camp. You can ride a historic train, view a preserved historic mansion, or even see a 1920s speakeasy.

6. See the Museum of the Rockies at Bozeman

Bozeman is a fantastic destination for things to do with kids in Montana. This city in the southern part of the state offers the Museum of the Rockies and the Montana State University planetarium. At both of these attractions, you'll see breathtaking wonders. The museum offers an expansive collection of dinosaur fossils and research. The planetarium offers a look at the vast and endless cosmos.

From the city, you'll see the Spanish Peaks on the horizon where you can enjoy horseback riding and outdoor excursions. The Pine Creek Lake Trail is a difficult hike with epic panoramic views.

7. Go skiing at Big Sky

Big Sky is both a city and one of the better Montana family resorts with a wide range of attractions and activities to experience. Whether it's skiing, snowboarding, or just snuggling up by a fireplace for a cozy night with hot cocoa, you'll find all you need here to make memories. The kids will love the fact that here they can even take a ride on a real dog sled.

You can take snowmobile tours, get on a snow coach or sleigh for a romantic ride, or even try cross-country skiing. Of course, it's also surrounded by stunning mountain views and photo opportunities you won't believe.