7 game night ideas for your next family reunion

With phones, tablets and other screens, it’s easy to lose track of time. Vacations and family reunions are a chance to disconnect from screens and reconnect with your loved ones. What better way to do that than a family game night? Board games are a great way to get together, create family traditions and build crucial skills for kids. They also give families a fun activity on a rainy day at home or on vacation. These are the best games for a family game night that are easy-to-pack and are sure to create lasting memories!

1. Learn together with Zingo

A fun twist on Bingo, Zingo is an educational board game that helps kids expand their vocabulary. 

Vrbo Tip: Kids love to call out the Zingo tokens. Rotate the rolls!

2. Go back to the classics with Sorry

Find your way home without getting sent back! Sorry is a great family board game for all ages, and can help to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Vrbo Tip: Think about your favorite vacations and label each “home” space on the board with a different destination.

3. Get creative with Hedbanz

Transform your family into a variety of objects with Hedbanz. It’s a great way to encourage creative thinking and build vocabulary.

Vrbo Tip: Make your own version using your favorite travel photos, vacation rental homes or old family photos.

4. Learn languages with Uno

A classic stay-at-home game, Uno is a fun and quick way to get everyone around the table together. 

Vrbo Tip: Don’t stop at Uno! Try learning the numbers in another language or the local lingo of your next family vacation.

5. Share a laugh with Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a fun family game that gets the whole family involved, and will have you laughing together over the clever cartoons on each card. 

Vrbo Tip: Give each kitten a name and a backstory before starting the game - or name them after all the kids’ stuffed animals at home!

6. Get competitive with Spot It 

Spot It puts a spin on traditional matching games. Try to spot the match before someone else does.

Vrbo Tip: Bring this to your family reunion to assign chores at the vacation rental!

7. Get silly with Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a great way to learn about different parts of speech. It can be a chance for a serious story, but usually it turns into a hilarious mix of words. 

Vrbo Tip: Play on the way to your next vacation and pick words based on what you see on the road.

Written by Mubaraka Malbari, Senior Brand Manager at Vrbo