6 top travel hacks for enjoying a beach house rental with your kids

Aseky and her family recently drove 30 minutes away from their home to a beach rental in Reunion, Florida, where they were able to reconnect, relax, and take a break from their daily routine.

Here are 6 of Aseky's tips to help you make the most of your next family staycation.

1. Make a vacation grocery list and get it delivered straight to the property

Being a big family, we are constantly preparing and cooking food for the kids. They're always hungry, so making sure we have a stocked up fridge with snacks and drinks for them while staying in a Vrbo is so important. Plus it saves us time and money, instead of spending it eating out, or being away from our vacation home.  

2. Host a family pizza night

Feeding four kids can be a chore! Get them involved and tap their creativity by hosting a build your own pizza night.

Top ingredients you'll need for your kid-approved masterpiece: Pizza dough, pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and meats (like pepperoni, salami, chicken breasts, etc). 

3. Use the laundry room at your beach house to wash clothes before you leave

This learning is pure gold! While we’re having fun enjoying our vacation rental, I’ll just throw in a couple loads of laundry here and there. That way when I pack everything back up to go home, my clothes are already clean and can go straight into the closet when we get home.

4. Look into beach gear rentals (or even a go-cart!) 

This is my husbands favorite. Make sure to read the description on the listing page or ask the homeowner to see if there are any good rental options nearby!

5. Celebrate milestones

My heart was aching knowing we wouldn't get to celebrate my son’s 5th birthday with family and friends during quarantine. We decided to make it extra special by celebrating his birthday and baking a cake in our Vrbo! He felt so special and got to play in the pool all day.  

6. Book a vacation rental with a pool and other kid-friendly amenities

I knew we wanted to search for a home with a private pool. The kids love to swim, and it’s a great way for my husband and I to have fun too! The Vrbo we found also had a movie room, which was a new experience for everyone. The bunk beds were a hit because that’s something we already have, so it made it feel more like home.   

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