Top 10 tips for families to make the most of a Vrbo vacation rental

The Tic Tac Toy family recently enjoyed a private Vrbo right on the water in Gulf Shores – just a road trip away from their home. A perfect way to get out of the house and travel safely as a family. 

After a fun weekend, The Tic Tac Toy family shares these tips on how to make the most of every moment on your family vacation. 

1. Perfect location: How to find the best family vacation home

The first part of any great vacation is finding the perfect location, and in this case the perfect house. Look for a house that is big enough for your family and any friends who might be joining. And, of course, you’ll want to find something with lots of great activities for kids and adults. 

Vrbo’s Trip Boards make it easy to collaborate with friends and family and find a private vacation rental with all of the amenities you're looking for. 

2. Pack smart: Preparing for your family road trip

The morning before a road trip can be a chaotic, so the Tic Tac Toy family recommends packing a few days early if you can. Top must-haves include delicious road trip snacks and an amazing playlist. Don't forget to pack activities to keep the kids entertained

3. Take it all in: Arriving at your vacation home

There’s nothing like getting that first glimpse of your new home-away-from-home.  Check out the views, have the kids pick their rooms – the bunkbeds are always a favorite – and get ready to start your vacation! 

4. Reconnect: Traveling with friends and extended family

The best part about booking a big vacation home is being able to invite family and friends to share it with you. It’s important to take time to reconnect and create memories that you'll all remember.   

5. Kid tips: What makes a family getaway extra fun?

Who knows how to make a family get-away great better than… the kids. This is what the Tic Tac Toy kids think makes for a good vacation: 

  • Pack lots and lots of snacks for the car ride!  

  • If there is a room with bunkbeds, always choose the bunkbed room. They’re so much fun to sleep in!  

  • When you’re on vacation, bedtimes are usually later than they are at home! 

6. Make a splash: Making the most of a vacation rental with a private pool

No vacation is complete without pool time, and on Vrbo you can find homes with private pools just for your family. Pools are a perfect opportunity for family fun, and a great way to keep the kids entertained while the parents unwind. 

Pro tip: the more floats you can fit into the pool, the better!  

More inspiration for your Gulf Shores family vacation

7. Mealtime: The perks of cooking while on vacation

Another important element of a great trip is the food. Going out to a great restaurant is always nice, but one of the best things about getting a house with a kitchen is the ability to turn mealtime into a fun activity. Nothing brings people together like a good meal - especially when you get to make it together. 

8. Explore: Get to know your family vacation spot

Just because you’ve found a great house doesn’t mean you should stay inside. You can use filters on the Vrbo website and app to find a vacation home near the water like the Tic Tac Toy family stayed in. But no matter where you are, don't forget to go out and explore. 

9. Take time for yourself: Make use of built-in babysitters!

Family vacation is all about family time, but as every parent knows, it’s also essential to build in some time for the grown-ups too. The Tic Tac Toy parents found some time for both reading by the water and a run around the neighborhood. 

10. Plan the next trip: Get ideas for your next family vacation

Anything that’s this big of a hit deserves a sequel… 

Every vacation must come to an end, but booking through Vrbo makes it easy to find the best family vacation spots for the next adventure.