Top 3 kid-friendly vacations in the United States

Family vacations make treasured memories. Take a look at our top 3 tips for kid-friendly vacations—we cover beach vacations, breaks in Orlando, and things to do in San Diego. And vacation homes and summer rentals make great bases from which to launch all of these types of kid- (and parent-) friendly getaways, and will give you full access to those fun days making sandcastles, riding rollercoasters, or both!

Kid-friendly vacations on the beach

The most popular vacation destination in the United States for families with kids has got to be the beach. And summer rentals come with a lively beach atmosphere of sand, surf, and boardwalks as standard—you and your kids will love it. A couple of excellent choices for kid-friendly beach vacations are Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A rental home will provide easy access not just to the beach, but to all the fun these places have to offer.

Find rentals in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is known as "The Nation's Summer Capital" because much of Washington, D.C. traditionally fled the summer heat for the ocean breezes of the beach with their families in tow. The famous mile-long boardwalk that is the heart of beach was first built in 1873. Rehoboth Beach offers a great American vacation for families with its amusement rides and ice cream. Unsurprisingly, summer rentals are very popular here—hit the beach during the day, then explore the boardwalk in the evening.

Check out rentals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a small city with a very big beach that has attracted families with children for generations. The natural beauty and size of the beach stands out to adults, but the area shines brightest as an entertainment complex for kids. There are water parks, miniature golf attractions, adventure sports venues, and more, designed just for kids. A new boardwalk has made Myrtle Beach one of the most attraction-packed locations anywhere.

Kid-friendly vacations in Orlando

Orlando is the largest vacation destination for families and children in the United States. Walt Disney World is the most popular destination, with Universal Studios only just behind. But there are other theme parks competing for your child's attention, notably Sea World, which has a massive penguin exhibit and rollercoasters. Along with lots of sunshine, these theme parks can provide enough entertainment for multiple vacations. A rental home in the Walt Disney World area provides the perfect home base for expeditions to all the area's many attractions.

Try a rental in Disney World, Orlando

Walt Disney World is a city-sized development that houses the most popular theme park in the world, the Magic Kingdom. If that's not enough, the area also boasts three sister theme parks: Epcot, Disney Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. The parks were (obviously) designed for families with children, and are great places for endless fun. There's even a major Star Wars-themed area.

Universal Studios, Orlando rentals

Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure theme park are massive draws for families and their crews. Take a look at the Harry Potter-themed development, it's got Hogwarts down to a T. Universal is a great choice for children and teenagers who enjoy thrill rides and high-speed roller coasters, and there are also lots of rental options nearby.

Kid-friendly vacations in San Diego

Many people find San Diego the perfect combination of a beach resort and a theme park mecca. Kids and their families can enjoy abundant sunshine and mild weather throughout the year as well as miles of beaches. It is hard to underestimate how great it is to get year-round warmth, little rainfall, and ocean breezes. The San Diego area is also the home of the first American Legoland, which encourages kids to develop their creativity in its building bricks-based theme park. San Diego vacation homes are the ideal way to explore all the options in this unique vacation destination with your kids.

Try a visit to San Diego Zoo from your vacation rental

San Diego natural riches provide the setting for its great theme parks and zoos. The San Diego Zoo is so much more than just a standard urban zoo, with its large-scale use of natural habitats. And San Diego Zoo Safari Parks is even larger. And the original Sea World is also in San Diego, and it focuses on sea creatures, penguins, and top-flight roller coasters.

Check out San Diego's kid-friendly beaches

San Diego has 17 miles of beaches with direct access to Sea World and a great old-fashioned boardwalk-style amusement park called Belmont Park. Many of San Diego’s beaches are situated around Mission Bay, which guards it from the big waves of the Pacific Ocean. The Mission Bay beaches are perfect for young children because of the gentleness of the waves.