Vrbo Vacay Fun Pack to the rescue: Awesome travel-time activities for kids

Ready for the next family vacation adventure? Check out our kids’ activities booklet for a range of creative exercises guaranteed to make travel days super-fun for them and totally relaxing for you.

Calling all parent travelers:

You’re going on a family vacation! Woo hoo! Be sure to print out our kids’ activities packet for some travel-time fun. Car rides, plane rides, train rides, however you get there and back, these exercises are guaranteed to keep young travelers busy each way. They’re geared toward sparking imagination, building excitement for their trip, and recapping its highlights on the way home. We hope that capturing family memories this way helps kids save them forever. 

And let’s face it, if they’re entertaining themselves en route, you’re already in vacation mode.

Download the Vrbo Vacay Fun Pack for peaceful trips from Point A to Point B.