The best fishing spots for vacations

The best fishing spots for vacations

There’s no end of perfect fishing spots—both in the U.S. and further afield—and wherever you choose to go, you can be pretty confident there’ll be a great vacation home rental just nearby. Not only that, but with many vacation rentals you can combine fishing trips with other activities, and there are even some places where you can book yourself a cultured city break and still get away for an afternoon’s fishing.

The best fishing spots in America

Line of 6 fishing rods pointing off the back of a speeding boat

Handily, some of the best fishing around is right here in the States. It might be that you’ve got a spare day while you’re on vacation and are looking for fishing spots near you, or maybe you’re planning a whole trip based around a particular kind of fishing. Whether you’re a fly fishermen, a bass hunter, or a big game angler, there’s bound to be a fishing spot in America that’s right for you.

Fly fishing in Colorado

The cool rivers of Colorado are some of the best trout streams you’ll find anywhere. Combine that with all the other great activities available in this outdoorsy state, and you’ve got a recipe for a fantastic vacation. Best of all, some of the best fly fishing spots on the South Platte River are an easy day trip from Denver and Colorado Springs, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of a city-based vacation rental while still getting out with your rod and line.

Oregon fishing

Oregon’s got all kinds of fish to tempt any angler, and whatever time of year you visit, there’s usually something to catch. For saltwater aficionados, there are lots of fishing charter outfits along the coast, usually targeting halibut, salmon, and lingcod. Freshwater anglers, meanwhile, can test their skills against trout, bass, and yellow perch. Among the highlights of the Colorado fishing year are the salmon and steelhead runs, and if you can time your vacation rental to coincide with one of these, you won’t be disappointed.

Bass fishing in Texas

Largemouth bass fishing is a rapidly expanding craze in Texas, and it should come as no surprise that in a state where everything’s a little bit bigger, the trophy bass are no exception. The fish here are some of the heaviest in the U.S., and there are plenty of places to go after them. If bass is your game, you could look for vacation rentals within easy reach of places like Lake Fork or Toledo Bend Reservoir. While bass is the main event, Texas’s lakes are also great for catching species like crappie and catfish.

Ice fishing in Minnesota

Who says the fishing season needs to end when the temperature drops? In more northerly states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, ice fishing is a way of life. Come winter, many of the frozen lakes in these states are transformed with the addition of literally thousands of heated fishing houses. Ice fishing in Brainerd is among the best-known locations, but there are lots of other places to do it, including Mille Lacs and Lake of the Woods.

Best fishing spots in the world

While the U.S. has got some great fishing spots, why confine yourself to one country when there’s the whole world to explore? Central America in particular has some fantastic places to rent a vacation home for a fishing trip, and flights can be relatively cheap and convenient. Alternatively, you could head north and rent a getaway cabin in one of the Canadian provinces like Ontario or Nova Scotia.

Fishing spots in Mexico

Not only is Mexico easily accessible—particularly for people living in the southern U.S.— it’s also got some of the best ocean fishing around. At the top of most people’s list is Cabo San Lucas on the Baja Peninsula, beloved of big game anglers who come to catch monster marlin and yellowfin tuna. You could also look for a vacation rental in the lively resort city of Puerto Vallarta, where there are plenty of deep-sea charter outfits venturing out into the Pacific each day.

Fishing spots in Costa Rica

With its lush rainforests, volcanic landscapes, and gorgeous beach resorts, this popular Central American country has already got loads going for it—and that’s before you get into the fishing. Bordered by the Pacific on one side and the Caribbean on the other, there’s fishing for all tastes and budgets in Costa Rica. You could catch bass and machaca on Lake Arenal, go after tarpon and snook on the east coast, or head out into the Pacific on a deep-sea charter in search of marlin and sailfish. Good places to look for villa rentals include Guanacaste Province and Quepos.

Fishing spots in Nova Scotia

Small fishing boat moored in front of a wooden boathouse with spruce trees

Nova Scotia is an ideal vacation destination for freshwater and saltwater anglers alike. This Canadian province has 100 rivers and literally thousands of lakes where you can go after salmon, trout, and bass—among many others. Or you could book yourself a vacation rental closer to the coast and arrange a deep-sea fishing charter. The most famous inhabitant of these cold waters is the mighty bluefin tuna, and sport fishers come from all over the world during tuna season, which runs from June through October.