Top Holiday Destinations for Arizona Golf Courses

Top Holiday Destinations for Arizona Golf Courses

Arizona has much to offer any golf enthusiast looking for their next golfing holiday destination. For one, Arizona golf courses come in different types and terrains, so you can enjoy some variety in your game. For another, you can always find a course that suits your skill level, whether you’re a pro or just learning your swing. Lastly, but certainly not the least, nothing beats teeing off surrounded by the dramatic landscapes this state is known for, from the north’s alpine mountains to the south’s saguaro-filled desert. So, where in Arizona should you bring your sunscreen and golf clubs?

Scottsdale golf courses

Scottsdale in Central Arizona is a golfer’s mecca; it’s considered to be one of the best golfing destinations in the world. There are more than 200 golf courses in Scottsdale, ranging from traditional fairways to uniquely designed desert courses. The variety in terrain and difficulty level can make the game challenging enough for you to want to spend your entire holiday on the green. But if you want a change in pace, you’ll find there’s more to do outside your Scottsdale vacation rental other than golf. Scottsdale is a capital city for shopping and day spas, so you can indulge in retail therapy or a bit of self-pampering. You can also check out the art galleries and nightclubs in Old Town, or court Lady Luck at one of the Indian casinos just outside the city. Or you can put on your cowboy hat and boots and explore the surrounding desert on horseback.

Arizona golf resorts in Phoenix

Another place you can search for Arizona golf courses is Phoenix, the state’s capital city. Phoenix is right next door to Scottsdale. And just like Scottsdale, the city has 200 golf courses offering a wide variety of terrains and difficulty levels. You can play in a traditional fairway if you so wish, or you can drive and putt in a desert-type course with the saguaro waving at you. At Phoenix, though, you get to walk where champions have walked, as the city is home to the PGA Phoenix Open, one of the oldest golf tournaments in the US. After your game, you don’t have to head back to your vacation rental just yet. You can explore Phoenix’s museums and galleries, tour its Frank Lloyd Wright-designed architectural treasures, catch a concert, or go shopping. Or, if you played at one of the city’s 5-star golf resorts, you can linger at the country club for a gourmet meal or for some pampering at the spa.

Saguaro cactus standing on a golf green, water from an activated sprinkler reflecting sunlight to make a rainbow

Tucson, Arizona golf courses

Tucson in Southern Arizona has something for every kind of golf enthusiast. If you want to indulge in resort-type golfing, where you can head off to the clubhouse after your game for cocktails and socials, or maybe for an hour or two at the spa, Tucson has plenty of 5-star golf resorts. If you’d like to work on your swing on your own, you can do so while admiring the dramatic red-rock and saguaro-filled landscapes of the Sonoran Desert. If you’re on a holiday with friends or family, you can check out Tucson’s family-friendly links, where even kids can enjoy putting. And if you want a golf holiday that won’t break your bank account, Tucson has 5 municipal golf courses where the rates are more affordable. There are at least 40 Arizona golf courses in Tucson, so you’ll have plenty of choices where to play.

Red rock formations rising above a line of trees

Arizona golf resorts in Sedona

Sedona in North Central Arizona only has a handful of golf courses to its name, compared to other golfing destinations in the state. But what it lacks in number, it makes up for with diversity. In this part of Arizona, golf courses range from the traditional links style to the open, target layouts. There are 18-hole courses that can challenge even the more seasoned player, and there are shorter courses that are easy enough for beginners and kids. Moreover, the greens stay green in Sedona all year-long because of the region’s milder weather, so you can come over for a golf holiday whenever you want to. The one advantage that Sedona may have over Arizona’s other golf destinations is whichever course you choose to play there, you’ll be surrounded by views of the vivid red rocks Sedona is famous for. Sedona is the heart of Arizona’s red-rock country, after all.