Holiday Destinations with the Best Golf Courses

Holiday Destinations with the Best Golf Courses

If you’re an avid golfer, you know how thrilling it can be to spend a clear day playing a round at your favorite course with your pals—so an entire vacation playing at some of the world’s best golf courses would surely be a vacation you won’t soon forget. Where you should go for your next golf getaway depends on your desired golf experience and who you’re traveling with. These destinations have some of the best golf resorts in the world, so read on and plan your next golf vacation today.

The best golf resorts in Arizona

Golfing in Arizona can be a dream. You’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to course layout and terrain. And you can always find a course that will suit your skill level—courses you’ll find challenging if you’re a seasoned player, and courses that will let you improve your skill if you’re still a beginner. A big plus, of course, is that whichever golf resort you go to, you’ll be surrounded by Arizona’s stunning scenery: red rocks and alpine mountains in the north, and saguaro-filled red desert in the south. And then, you can find plenty of things to do just outside your vacation rental, so even the non-golfers in your group will have loads to see and do.

Scottsdale golf resorts

You’ll be spoiled for choice with golfing in Scottsdale. Here, you’ll find over 200 golf courses with varying layouts, terrains, and scenery. It’s also home to many luxury golf resorts designed by well-known golf personalities and offering championship-level games. Moreover, they provide other amenities like spas, fine-dining restaurants, and in-house entertainment.

Phoenix golf resorts

Phoenix, Arizona’s capital city and Scottsdale’s next-door neighbor, also has 200 golf courses offering diversity in terrains and layouts. Additionally, the city is home to one of the oldest golf tournaments in the US, PGA’s Phoenix Open, so you can play at golf resorts where many a golf champion has played before.

Beach and golf resort holidays in Florida

Florida is one of the most visited states in the US for golf, and it’s not hard to see why. Golf is more than just a game or a hobby among Floridians, and they’ve put a lot of love into their golf courses. The best golf resorts in the state boast of designs by world-renowned golf veterans, featuring palm trees and tropical scenery. In many courses, you can test your mettle against where PGA champions have played tournaments before. But if you’re not feeling competitive, you can relax and just swing with your good friends or your family. After you’re done with your game, you can head to the beach for a different kind of fun under the sun.

A fountain in the middle of a water trap in a golf course lined with palm trees

Orlando golf course resorts

Though Orlando is more known for its massive theme parks, golf is a major draw in this city as well. Orlando’s golf resorts boast courses designed by some of the sport’s legends, including Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Many of these courses have hosted PGA championship tournaments, so you can expect a challenging game when you swing there.

Miami golf resorts

If you want to test how good your game really is, Miami is the place to do it. Miami’s golf course resorts have hosted many a PGA tournament. Many courses are tough enough to see even the pros struggling to score par. To celebrate a good game—or to let off some steam after a frustrating one—you can head off to Miami’s sparkling white beaches or experience the nightlife the city is known for.

Caribbean golf vacations for couples

If you and your partner are after a golf vacation a little further afield, the Caribbean is fast emerging as a destination for the best golf vacations for couples. Here, you’ll find golf courses in lush tropical settings—some difficult enough to befuddle seasoned golfers, and some easy enough so you can have a relaxing game. You and your partner can play a round or two in the morning, and then spend the rest of the day at the beach or schedule a couples’ massage in the privacy of your vacation rental. Then you can cap your day with a romantic dinner, dancing, or a beachfront stroll under the stars.

A golf resort with palm trees by the sea

Best golf courses in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s golf courses consistently appear in lists of the best golf courses in the world. Many were designed by acclaimed golf architects like Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman, and they can accommodate different styles of play. You have the choice to play at a course inland or by the sea; either way, you’ll be surrounded by the island nation’s breathtaking natural scenery.

Best golf resorts in the Bahamas

Golf courses in the Bahamas offer the unique Caribbean golf experience of playing right by the sea, with the Atlantic in full view. The wind factor alone can make your game a lot more interesting. But wind or not, you can find the perfect golf course where you can play to your skill level and enjoy the tropical Caribbean sun.