Caribbean Golf Vacations and Other Ideas for Golf Holidays

Caribbean Golf Vacations and Other Ideas for Golf Holidays

Caribbean golf vacations are just the thing if you want a change in your current golf routine. The Caribbean region has dozens of golf courses, and while no two of them are the same, they will all let you experience what it’s like to play so near the sea under a tropical sun. But if you’re not looking to visit the Caribbean for golf, no worries. There are other ideas for golf holidays that you can consider as well, especially if you’re on a budget, traveling with someone else, or only have the weekend to get away.

Beachy Caribbean golf vacations

The Caribbean is emerging as one of the best golf destinations in the world, particularly the Dominican Republic, Barbados, and Bermuda. Most golf courses in the area give ample views of the beach and the sea beyond, where you can head off after your game for a complete beach-and-golf vacation. You can easily find a golf course that suits your playing style, but rogue elements like wind factor and surface moisture can make the game more challenging. After you’re done with your game, you can soak in some island vibe and sample all the other charms that the Caribbean has to offer.

Golf weekend getaways

If you feel that a Caribbean golf vacation isn’t for you—especially if you quick weekend to get away—worry not. You have plenty of other options available. For instance, if you only have Saturday and Sunday free, you can go on a golf weekend getaway somewhere out of town. South Carolina golf resorts, for example, are only a short flight away from most cities in the US and Canada, and many of them offer stunning ocean views. California or Virginia golf vacations are also freat for weekends, though you may find yourself wanting to stay longer.

Cheap golf trips

Dying for a golf holiday but you don’t feel like you can afford it? You don’t have to stay at luxury golf resorts just to make the most of your golf vacation. There are a lot of ways to have a lovely golf vacation without breaking your bank account. One such way is finding a golf destination just a few hours from your home. You can also play at municipal golf courses where the views are stunning and the layout is just right for your game style, but where the rates are cheaper. San Francisco in California and Tucson in Arizona, both world-class golf destinations, have great public courses. You can also plan cheap golf trips by scouting golf deals and packages.

Golf getaways for couples

Golf vacations can be a great time for bonding between you and your significant other. You can play friendly yet competitive rounds together all throughout your holiday. And even if only one of you is an avid golfer, a golf vacation can still work for both of you. Just choose a destination that you both find interesting and where your partner can find something fun to do while you’re at the golf course. Miami, Florida is one example. So, you can spend part of the day on your game while your partner does their thing. After your game, you can spend the rest of the day together exploring the city’s shops, beaches, and dining.

Golf green with sand traps and palm trees

Golf vacations for singles

Traveling solo? No worries—golf vacations for singles do exist, and you have plenty of options for them. You may even find a solo trip to be more fun and rewarding than if you went with a group, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities for self-assessment. Plus, who knows—maybe you can make new friends on your trip. One way you can enjoy a golf vacation on your own is by going to a stay-and-play golf resort. Such resorts usually have other activities available other than golf, including activities where you can do some socializing with your fellow guests. San Diego, California is a good place to search for stay-and-play golf resorts, as is Scottsdale, Arizona.

Golf vacations in Scotland for history buffs

If you happen to be a history buff and a golf enthusiast, you may want to go on a golf vacation in Scotland at some point in your life. That is, if you haven’t done so yet. After all, Scotland is the country where golf was first played, way back in the 15th century. Many serious golfers think it’s appropriate to pay homage to their beloved sport by visiting its country of origin. You can start your pilgrimage at St. Andrews, where it all began. This coastal town in Fife is home to one of the world’s oldest golf courses. It also hosts The Open Championships, the oldest of the sport’s major championships. From St. Andrews, you can head on to Glasgow and Edinburgh, two of Scotland’s biggest golf hubs.

Person swinging a golf club on the fairway with a palatial clubhouse in the background