Chase waves in the world’s best countries to surf in

Chase waves in the world’s best countries to surf in

Whether you’ve been chasing an endless summer almost all of your life or you’ve only recently taken to the waves, finding the perfect place for a surfing vacation is simple once you know where to look. From white-sand beaches in Australia to famous breaks in Morocco and Hawaii, the best countries to surf in are found in every corner of the globe. And no matter where you choose to go, there are a number of fantastic vacation rentals available to suit every need and indulgence

Surfing Australia

Australia is practically synonymous with surfing and it’s easy to understand why. From world-class spots like Bells Beach—which you might remember from the heart-wrenching final scene of the movie “Point Break” (let’s all shed a tear for Patrick Swayze)—to the white-sand shores of Western Australia, it’s almost impossible to head toward any area of the Australian coastline without getting close to some great surf as well. However, if you’re looking for the full Australian summer experience, you can’t overlook the bohemian wonders of Byron Bay. Not a fan of crowds? You can also book some fantastic vacation rentals just a short distance away in Belongil Beach or Lennox Head.

Endless summer in Costa Rica

Boasting a lovely tropical climate, warm water throughout the year, and surf breaks for every skill level, Costa Rica is easily one of the most versatile surfing destinations in the world. Whether you choose to head to the Pacific or Caribbean coast, you’ll be spoilt for choice, with laid-back towns like Playa Cocles and Tamarindo providing the perfect setting for a full surf vacation experience. Both these towns allow you stay in vacation homes that are not only close to the best waves, but are also only a short distance from a wonderful selection of restaurants, bars, and shops for when you want to relax.

Surfing in the United States

There’s no denying that Hawaii is the home of surfing. If you dream of riding waves, there’s no better place to visit—at least according to the hundreds of surfers who have been making their pilgrimage to Hawaii’s shores for decades now. But despite the obvious draw of big-name breaks like Backyards and Pipeline, Hawaii isn’t the only reason the United States is one of the best countries to surf in. California and surfing also go hand in hand, with places like Huntington Beach (aka Surf City USA) and Trestles in San Clemente drawing in surf enthusiasts from all over the world.

Colorful surfboards lined up in front of a house in Maui, Hawaii

Winter in Morocco

If you’re keen to catch some waves over winter, then Morocco is the perfect choice. Although the country boasts great surf year-round, the prime surfing season runs from October to April when big groundswells start coming through. The entire coastline offers some incredible beach and point breaks, but if you want to make the most of your trip then there’s no better place to stay than the small town of Taghazout. It features easy spots for beginners, such as Crocs and Panoramas, along with famous breaks like Anchor Point and Boilers. Make sure to book a vacation rental with a nice outdoor setting so you can easily dry off your gear while enjoying a well-earned meal.

Surfing in Mexico

If a rich culture, beautifully sunny days, top-notch surf, and unbelievably tasty food at every turn sound good to you, then it’s about time to visit Mexico. Known for great waves and friendly locals, Mexico surf spots are teeming with everything you’ll need for the perfect sun-drenched vacation. Smaller towns like Sayulita and Cuyutlan offer the perfect combination of laid-back vibes, a wide variety of dining options, and summer rentals that allow you to indulge in extras like rooftop gardens and pools without breaking the bank.

A man surfing a wave in Mexico

Chasing waves in Indonesia

When you picture your dream surfing mecca, you’re probably picturing somewhere that looks a lot like Indonesia. With a seemingly endless supply of incredible waves, fantastic food, and blissfully warm weather, it’s no surprise that Indonesia is considered one of the best countries to surf in around the world. From the azure waters of the Mentawai Islands to sleepy spots with seriously great surf like Nusa Lembongan, no matter where you end up there are plenty of vacation rentals to choose from. And with amenities like wrap-around balconies, private pools, and hot tubs, you’ll find it easy to indulge in some rest and relaxation after a big day out on the water.