Epic destinations with some of the best diving in the world

Epic destinations with some of the best diving in the world

All around the globe, there are so many places that provide endless opportunities for diving enthusiasts of all levels to combine their passion for underwater exploration with a relaxing vacation. With that said, not all destinations are created equal, and some of the best diving in the world can be found in the most unexpected locations. From the vast waters of the Red Sea to the Shipwreck Trail in Florida Keys, your new favorite dive site is just waiting to be discovered—and so is the perfect vacation rental.

Diving trips to Vancouver Island

The diving sites that surround the charming British settlement of Victoria on Vancouver Island are filled with all sorts of glorious marine life. For those who are new to diving, make sure to book a vacation rental Downtown, which is only a short distance from great beginner spots like Ogden Point and also offers fantastic views of the bustling Inner Harbor. For the more advanced or adventurous scuba divers, there are plenty of boats that will take you to the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, where you’ll hopefully spot some lively sea lions and get to visit the second oldest lighthouse on Canada’s west coast.

Red Sea diving in Egypt

With an abundance of sea life to discover and lovely warm water to enjoy for most of the year, it’s pretty obvious why Egypt’s Red Sea is known as one of the best places in the world to scuba dive. Its thriving reefs house over 220 species of coral and 1,000 types of fish, plus the clarity of the water is truly something to behold. Stay in a cozy vacation rental in Sharm el Sheikh for a great selection of bars and restaurants, as well as easy access to fantastic dive spots like Ras Mohammed National Park and Jackson Reef.

A person scuba diving under a ship in Egypt's Red Sea

Scuba diving in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys island chain is a scuba diving mecca. When it comes to underwater spectacles, the Shipwreck Trail, which includes the scattered remains of 9 historic ships, is definitely something every diver should see at least once. And then there’s Key Largo, known as the diving capital of the world and home to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. There are plenty of vacation rentals in the region that offer glorious Gulf of Mexico views from sunrise to sunset. No matter where you choose to base yourself, scuba diving in the Keys is an experience that will stay with you.

Dive trips in Kailua Kona

If you love a little bit of a thrill then you’re going to adore a dive trip to Kailua Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island. It’s a destination best known among seasoned scuba divers for nighttime expeditions to see manta rays on the island’s west coast—truly, there’s something so exciting about being underwater and only being able to see as far as your flashlight shines in front of you. Make sure to book a vacation home rental in Aloha Kona so you don’t have too far to travel to a nice and comfy bed after your late-night diving.

Scuba diving vacations in Puget Sound

You might be surprised to find out that just an hour outside of Seattle in Puget Sound, Washington, there are over 75 shore-diving sites with an abundance of both wooden and steel shipwrecks to explore, as well as underwater parks like the Bruce Higgins Underwater Trails. To avoid the crowds, stay in a vacation home in Burian near lesser-known dive spots like Three Tree Point North, or embrace the hustle and bustle in Alki, which offers quick access to both Alki Beach Junk Yard and the popular Alki Seacrest Park.

Diving in Cozumel

If you’re looking to enjoy a little bit of luxury during your next diving trip, then the vacation rentals within the Cozumel dive resorts have got you covered. But the indulgence doesn’t end there. Cozumel is a diver’s paradise, with the island boasting some of the world’s best diving sites around the Palancar Reef and the Mesoamerican Reef, along with the Museo Subacuatico de Arte’s submerged sculptures. Once you’re ready to resurface, there are plenty of beautiful white-sand beaches to sunbathe on, too.

A large fish in the waters of Cozumel, Mexico