Top places for affordable hunting trips

Top places for affordable hunting trips

Affordable hunting trips aren’t always the easiest to come by, and they can take a lot of research and planning. But if you’re keen to get up close and personal with the raw beauty of the wild and experience the adrenaline of the hunt, then there are plenty of opportunities in North America and beyond that will more than satisfy your needs. Whether it involves the waterfowl of Manitoba or the moose of Alaska, your next hunting trip doesn’t have to break the bank and neither does the amazing vacation rental you book along with it.

Fly fishing vacations in Montana

There’s just something special about fly fishing. Maybe it’s the peaceful practice of the catch and release, the pristine surroundings, or the possibility of the hunt being both highly physical and deeply meditative. Whatever it is, the sport is only becoming more and more popular. One of the main draws is certainly that you can fly fish in so many places, making it a much more affordable hunting trip than many other alternatives. For those looking to get the most bang for their buck, Bighorn River in Montana is one of North America’s best locations for fly fishing large trout. To make things even better, there are rustic and cozy vacation homes in great locations, such as Fort Smith, that’ll have you just minutes away from prime fly fishing spots.

A man in waders fishing in the middle of a river

Duck hunting trips in Manitoba

For those looking to pursue waterfowl on their next duck hunting trip, Manitoba offers a vast array of hunting opportunities which are almost as diverse as the Canadian province’s incredible landscape. From the famous wetlands of the Delta Marsh to the Prairie Pothole Region in the southwest, there are countless options available whether you’re seeking waterfowl or looking for sandhill cranes and geese. What’s more, if you’re keen to find some of the lesser-known areas, the Hudson Bay Lowlands make up a wild and fertile region that serves as a traditional nesting ground for geese and waterfowl coming off the arctic islands. No matter what part of Manitoba calls to you, make sure to book a cabin rental with a lovely outdoor setting or a cozy fire to relax next to once the hunt is done.

Alaska hunting trips

Although a staple meat for most Alaskan families, Alaskan moose is a rare animal for everyone else—making hunting trips in the Last Frontier a bucket-list vacation for many keen hunters. Although success rates vary, those that do get what they came for are the ones who arrive prepared. Learning to call moose, having the right gear, being fit enough for rough terrain, and knowing when to take a guide are important aspects every hunter should consider. Once the finer details are sorted, you can move on to experiencing the majestic beauty of the Alaskan wilderness and the beasts that live within it. Don’t forget to book a vacation rental to sit back and enjoy yourself in after the hunt is over—you can’t go wrong with cozy cabins and cottage rentals in the Yukon Territory.

A large moose sitting on a hillside

New Mexico elk hunting trips

New Mexico has become a kind of haven for elk hunting trips. There’s an abundance of public lands and the Gila National Forest in the southwest offers up 3.3 million acres of absolutely gorgeous terrain with a mild climate and world-class hunting opportunities. The best part? You can actually stay in a number of vacation homes in the forest itself so you’ll never be far from the action. Make sure to book a vacation rental with a stunning view of the surrounding mountains, or take things up a notch and get a rental with a hot tub to soak in after a big day out on the hunt. Nothing could be better than being surrounded by wilderness on your next hunting trip, after all.

Hunting hog in Texas

Hog hunting trips are becoming increasingly popular, especially in places like Texas where the problem with feral hogs is wreaking havoc on local farmers, and you can hunt the beasts year-round. If you’re after an affordable hunting trip, then look no further because hog hunting is definitely one of the less expensive options out there—sometimes it’s free, but you will need a license even though hogs aren’t considered big game. Whether you head to the brush country of South Texas or the pine forests in the East, Texas is the perfect choice for your next hog hunting trip.