From coast to coast and sea to shining sea, America’s got some of the best beach towns anywhere in the world. For a relaxing and sun-filled vacation, take a look at our 10 best beach towns in America. We’ve included a little bit of everything—from sunny Southern California to charming colonial New England.

1. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Move up the coast a bit and you’ll find Cannon Beach. While you won’t find the suntanned bodies you’ll find in Southern California, you will find beautiful sandy beaches, In Cannon Beach, you can walk nine miles on the beach while you take in some incredible views. And don’t forget the sea creatures that hang out in the tide pools!

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2. Mexico Beach, Florida

Continuing with the Florida scene, Mexico Beach is an incredible small town. One of the favorites here is the annual gumbo cook off, kingfish tournaments, and firework displays.

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3. Chincoteague, Virginia

If partying isn’t your style, take to the quiet life in Chincoteague along the seven-mile Assateague National Seashore. The beaches are perfect for long walks and nature spotting. You’ll find herons, bald eagles, and even wild ponies along the way. Take a break at the Seashell Café after a day at the beach for delicious clam chowder and fried shrimp.

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4. Ogunquit, Maine

All the way to the other coast is Ogunquit, one of the best beach towns in America. There is three and a half miles of white sand beaches here, separated by the Ogunquit River. It’s peaceful, serene, and oh so relaxing in Maine.

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5. Saugatuck, Michigan

You don’t need the salt water to enjoy beach fun. Saugatuck, just three hours from Detroit, is a beautiful town rich in history. Saugatuck is known for adventures, like kayaking, boating, and fishing.

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6. Newport, Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be small, but you can’t miss a visit to Newport if a vacation of beach and history is what you are seeking. Newport offers the ocean crashing against rocks feel from the Atlantic, a colonial spot in Narragansett Bay, and the traditional beach-like atmosphere near Rhode Island Sound. You’ll even find a charming carousel here.

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7. Santa Cruz, California

Where’s the best sand and sun in the USA? On the West Coast of course! Santa Cruz is home to the Giant Dipper roller coaster and a famous boardwalk filled with amusement park entertainment. Santa Cruz also offers fabulous ocean views and fresh seafood.

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8. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach deserves a top spot as one of the best beach towns in America. Virginia Beach is popular, so if you want to skip the crowds, come in the off season. No matter what time of the year you come, you’ll find plenty of fun.

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9. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A hot spot for beach vacations, many flock to Fort Lauderdale for a hip night life and fabulous day time fun at the beach. Ft. Lauderdale is definitely one of the best beach towns for cruising the streets in convertibles and bikinis.

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10. Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii

Head to Oahu for 112 miles of coastline and 130 beaches! Haleiwa is home to more than 40 surf breaks, the perfect spot for the serious surfer or boarder to get in some awesome waves.

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