You’ve made two sets of vows: to honor and love your soul mate until death does you part, and to never spend as much money as you spent on your wedding ever, ever, ever again. That last part is kind of difficult to do if you’re buying a house, having kids, or planning to live anything resembling a moderately comfy life in the 21st Century. But as far as your post-nuptial getaway goes, we've discovered a bunch of affordable honeymoon locations in the US and narrowed the list down, so you and your sweetie can toss some ideas around (not argue about them, mind you.)

Wine Country, California

If you love food, wine, and each other, the California wine country will set the mood just right. Snuggle up to your sweetie in a hot air balloon ride over the vineyards, shake off that wedding stress at the spa, find out who’s better at golf at a Napa Hills course, and enjoy an indulgent dinner for two at America’s #1 restaurant. But whatever you do, don't wine, dine, and drive! Get a chaperone and cruise from winery to winery in a limo, instead.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’re looking for your inner child, but not other children, Disney World's out. Vegas, on the other hand, has everything a playful couple could want, including the absence of crying toddlers. America’s City of Lights has always “gotten” newlyweds, hasn’t it? Instead of doing the clichéd Las Vegas elopement, though, spend your first few days or weeks as a married couple here. World-class dining, roller coasters, glamorous shows, and a chance to get rich quick at a single slot machine… follow up one of the best days of your life with the time of your life in Vegas. To boot, it's hands down one of the most affordable honeymoon locations in the US.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Make sure to spend a good two weeks here, because even that won’t be enough. After stuffing yourself silly with delish Cajun food, you'll easily burn off those calories sightseeing through the French Quarter and stopping to listen to random street musicians play jazz - for hours at a time.

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Scottsdale, Arizona

Doesn’t matter when you’re getting away; Scottsdale’s got 330 days of sunshine to welcome lovebirds. Honeymooners who live near the beach or are bored by it should take the Sonoran Desert out for a spin. Outdoorsy duos will love hiking and biking through picture-perfect trails, some leisurely and others challenging. For relaxation, there’s nothing quite like a day at the spa or a night out at an elegant, five-star restaurant. Scottsdale has all that and a whole lot more.

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Kiawah Island, South Carolina

The exclusive, resort community of Kiawah Island is just north of Charleston. While it’s not literally an island, the majority of it is surrounded by water, making it an ideal spot for lovey-dovey beach bums. While you’ll enjoy killing time with golf, tennis, and fishing - the area’s top three things to do - you’ll enjoy doing nothing at all just as much. What makes Kiawah Island so special? Since it’s not as over-saturated with tourists as the Florida Keys, you’ll save lots of money on your stay. Plus, very few coastlines are lined with such a dramatic collection of magnolia trees, live oaks, and marshes.

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Marco Island, Florida

A chartered sailboat, exquisite seafood dinner, and the sunset… a typical evening in Marco Island, one of Florida’s quaintest beach towns. A good pick for easygoing couples in need of some serious recovery from wedding planning, Marco Island oozes romance and R&R.

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Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Of all our cheap honeymoon vacation spots, Gatlinburg’s got the most variety. So, if you’re “that couple” who can’t ever agree on stuff to do, make your way to the Great Smoky Mountains. From a magical stroll along the Riverwalk to a tramway ride up Mount Harrison, you’ll have plenty to look at besides your sweetheart.

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Lake Tahoe, California

Easily our most action-packed cheap honeymoon destination, Lake Tahoe is bustling with fun seekers every single day. Not only could you wake up each morning to the sun rising up over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, coloring the famed lake, but you could be unwinding at the spa, skiing through slopes or waves (depending on the season), and even gambling. Lake Tahoe perfectly marries majestic Mother Nature with non-stop activities for its human admirers… so, why not head here after you get married?

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