Must-have road trip planner apps and tools

Must-have road trip planner apps and tools

Before you embark on any kind of road trip, you need to have a plan. Fortunately, this is fairly easy provided you have the right tools. That’s where several apps can help, whether you need to keep an eye on traffic, the weather, or anything else. Here are the top 10 best road trip planner apps and tools.

1. Enjoy discovery with Roadtrippers

The ultimate app for any road trip is arguably the appropriately named Roadtrippers app. Not only can this app help you plan your routes, but it will suggest great stops and destinations you may want to see based on your route. You can easily add stops to your itinerary or remove them later as you see fit.

2. Make a road trip easy with Google Trips

When you use Google Trips, most of the effort of planning your road trip can be taken care of for you. While the standalone app has been discontinued, you can find the same features on Google’s website. You can choose your starting destination and select from already planned routes. If no preset route fits your needs exactly, you can customize them until they do.

3. Always be prepared with iExit

When using the iExit app, it’s easier than ever to find the resources you need when you’re on the road. The app uses your phone’s GPS to ascertain where you are on the highway and what direction you’re going to determine the closest and most convenient locations for gas stations, food, hotels, and more. It will even offer directions to these places.

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4. Stay fueled with GasBuddy

When you use the GasBuddy app, you’ll never have to worry about finding a gas station when you need one. Not only can it find the closest gas station if you need to refuel in a pinch, but it can also find the cheapest gas wherever you are. Additionally, the app can be set to search for gas stations with specific amenities like restaurants, bathrooms, and car washes.

5. Don’t forget anything with PackPoint

Packing for a road trip is an essential step before venturing out. If you forget to pack something important, finding a solution can be tough if you’re already hundreds of miles away from home. With PackPoint, you can make sure you have all the items necessary. This app allows you to input the details of your trip and receive a checklist of all the items you’ll need.

6. Always have a place to park with ParkMe

One of the downsides to any kind of road trip is that you’ll always need a place to park. Fortunately, finding a spot is easy with the ParkMe app. It hosts the largest and most accurate database of parking information, and you can even purchase parking in specific lots ahead of time. Of course, the app can compare parking prices for you too.

7. Find good grub with OpenTable

The OpenTable app is commonly used by people even when they’re not on a road trip, but having it at your disposal when driving through a new area is a great solution for finding good food. It lets you explore nearby restaurants with ease and even offers filters to sort by what you can and/or want to eat.

8. Always find your way with Waze

While Waze may seem like any other mapping app, it actually uses social interaction in an interesting way. Other drivers will report information about the road such as collisions, traffic, and police radar, among others. This information can influence the system to alter your route to always ensure that you have the most efficient drive possible.

9. Keep things fair with Splitwise

Traveling with friends can make for an unforgettable road trip experience. Unfortunately, finances can get in the way of fun faster than you might think. With Splitwise, it’s easy to keep track of all expenses and determine exactly what portion each person owes for everything from gas to food. You can even set it to keep track of all expenses and create a lump sum total overall.

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10. Stay entertained with Spotify

Many people probably already have Spotify, but this app is absolutely essential for any kind of road trip experience. Not only can you create music playlists, but it can also be used for podcasts and audiobooks. Plus, the easy-to-use interface is compatible with voice activation systems, making it easy and safe to operate while driving on solo trips.