Whether you're a true-crime enthusiast or a history buff, you can find podcasts for virtually any topic you can imagine. If you want to binge-listen to thought-provoking, funny, or clever storytelling on the trip, check out the top 10 best road trip podcasts to enjoy on your cross-country drive in the United States.

1. Have intergalactic laughs with 'Mission to Zyxx'

Engineered by the comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade, "Mission to Zyxx" is an improvised science fiction sitcom set in space. Go on adventures with Ambassador Pleck Decksetter and his misfit team as they carry out their critical missions in the Zyxx Quadrant, often screwing up and bringing laughs along the way.

2. Get into the mystery of the 'The Dating Game Killer'

The TV game show "The Dating Game" brought a bachelorette in to question 3 bachelors and choose a winner. On a 1978 episode, the winner, Rodney Alcala, was in the middle of a cross-country killing spree that lasted over a decade. The six-part podcast "The Dating Game Killer" is a fascinating story about the serial killer.

3. Enjoy a good story with 'LeVar Burton Reads'

If you're torn between audiobooks and podcasts, "LeVar Burton Reads" gives you the best of both. The renowned actor from "Star Trek" and "Reading Rainbow" reads short stories in this epic podcast, immersing you with his velvety voice. The podcast is in its 6th season, so there's no shortage of titles to choose from, and they're all personal favorites of Burton himself.

4. Educate yourself with 'Armchair Expert'

Featuring big-name guests like Judd Apatow, Katie Couric, and Alicia Keys, "Armchair Expert" is actor Dax Shepard's brainchild. The lengthy podcast episodes discuss random topics like failure, sex, economics, mental health, and other "messiness of humans" to hilarious ends. Just keep in mind that things can get crazy, so this podcast may not be safe for little ears.

5. Learn about bad doctors with 'Dr. Death'

The 10-episode podcast series "Dr. Death" tells the story of a Dallas neurosurgeon who promised pain relief for his patients through innovative spine surgery, only to see them experience significant complications and life-altering results. This riveting podcast isn't filled with gruesome serial killer details and gore, but it's plenty terrifying just the same.

6. Feed your paranoia with 'Homecoming'

Now a popular TV show, "Homecoming" is an incredible thriller about a therapist in an experimental treatment facility for veterans. It not only has a unique and entertaining story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but it's also narrated by prominent actors like David Schwimmer and Catherine Keener.

7. Enjoy some laughs with 'Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend'

As the name suggests, "Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend" is a quest to get friends for the redheaded late-night host. A noble quest, indeed, the podcast features O'Brien talking to popular stars, including Michelle Obama, Lisa Kudrow, and David Sedaris, and learning how they feel about his efforts to befriend them.

8. Test your skills with 'Solve'

Think you can solve crimes with the best of them? Test your skills with "Solve," a podcast that makes the listener the detective. Listen to the facts of the case, the suspects, the interrogations, and the evidence to figure out who committed the crime. At the end, the criminal is revealed, and every fictional crime is inspired by a real-life event.

9. Entertain the kids with 'Young Ben Franklin'

We were all kids once, and that's the idea behind "Young Ben Franklin." This historical fiction follows the teenage years of Ben Franklin as he gets into all kinds of mischief, including going against the Massachusetts governor. It's perfect for kids and adults alike, and you'll love the creative take on the Founding Father's early years.

10. Find enchantment with 'The Two Princes'

Perfect for young children, "The Two Princes" is a story about a prince on a quest to save his kingdom from a mysterious curse. Prince Rupert unexpectedly gains help from his royal rival, Prince Amir, and the pair quickly go from enemies to romantic partners. "The Two Princes" features a spectacular voice cast and excellent writing over 2 seasons.