Numerous factors go into a road trip. You'll need to plan your destination, stops on the way, and your route. Supplies like water and food are a necessity, as are charging cables for your devices. Just don't forget that music is among the most important factors. You'll need the best songs to keep you energized and alert. Here are the top 10 best road trip songs.

1. 'America' by Simon & Garfunkel

While this classic group may be best known for their "Sound of Silence," the song "America" is the quintessential road trip song that has inspired many people to travel in the first place. The song describes a journey across the country highlighting all the best parts of a road trip, including the small, seemingly meaningless stops that are often the most memorable.

2. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen

This epic rock song captures Freddie Mercury's impressive vocal range like few others can. While virtually no one can mimic his skill, it's always fun to try. When you're on a road trip with friends, singing along with the nearly 6-minute song is a great way to bond and keep everyone entertained.

3. 'What's My Age Again?' by Blink-182

Pop-punk anthems have an inherent message of freedom and rebellion, something a road trip allows for in excess. This song in particular voices the carefree nature of youth and how immaturity can actually be cathartic after spending so much time doing exactly what everyone expects. Your road trip is your time, so seize it.

4. 'Hello' by Adele

When you think of road trip songs, they're typically upbeat and energetic. Sometimes, however, you just need to get in a good scream. That's where Adele's "Hello" comes into play. Her incredible vocal range is downright inspiring. Yelling those high notes may make drivers around you give you odd looks, but the catharsis you can feel is well worth it.

5. 'Carry On Wayward Son' by Kansas

One of the best aspects of Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son" is that everyone seems to already know it. There's oddly no generational gap. Older folks remember when it was released, while younger millennials remember it from the Guitar Hero video game and the TV show "Supernatural." Either way, the song is always fun to sing, and you and your passengers can practice harmonies.

6. 'I Melt With You' by Modern English

Classic songs have been remastered more times than anyone can remember, but the original rendition of "I Melt With You" is still something special. This song is simultaneously relaxing and energetic, and the chorus is so easy to learn that everyone in the car can join in, even if they've never heard the song before.

7. 'I Wanna Be Sedated' by The Ramones

This classic punk rock song is useful for any road trip that requires some much-needed energy for the ride. The song itself stems from an incident in which Joey Ramone burned his face with scalding water during a show, then somehow managed to get through the rest of the performance.

8. 'Danger Zone' by Kenny Loggins

Brought to immense popularity by the film "Top Gun," the song "Danger Zone" can make your road trip feel like an intense adventure as if you were the star of an action movie. Considering how much the song mentions highways and taking rides, it's easy to apply to any road trip, even if you're traveling to some beachfront paradise.

9. 'We've Had Enough' by Alkaline Trio

In theory, one of the best parts about a road trip is finding new radio stations. In reality, however, it's not uncommon to be met with boring tracks and seemingly endless commercials. Playing Alkaline Trio's "We've Had Enough" lets you vent your frustration with the radio in a satisfying pop-punk classic complete with backing vocals from Keith Morris.

10. 'Life Is a Highway' by Tom Cochrane

This classic road trip song is perfectly fitting for any long stretch of time spent on the road. The powerful chorus can get the whole car involved in the song, while the lyrics serve as a reminder that life itself is much like a road trip adventure, and the most important thing to do is keep pressing forward.