If you're looking to embark on a road trip with a baby, the ultimate destination can make or break your efforts. While you'll have to make sure you have more than enough supplies with you just in case, it's important to consider the kind of experience you're looking to have as well. Here are the top 10 destinations for a road trip with a baby.

1. Visit the Texas jewel of San Antonio

In San Antonio, you'll find several attractions that are suitable for travelers with infants including the San Antonio Zoo and The DoSeum museum with its hands-on exhibits. There's even a children's train that can take you there once you're in town. Some of the charming taverns have isolated nooks where you can enjoy a modest drink while keeping your baby safe and away from crowds.

2. See the country's capital in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is a great destination for a road trip with a baby. The area is remarkably easy to navigate, and the hiking and biking trails near the Potomac River are surprisingly extensive and well-kept. The Georgetown Waterfront Park is also a favorite for families as it lets little ones feed ducks and splash around in the sprinkler fountain.

3. Head across the border with a road trip to Toronto

If you're starting your road trip with a baby in the American Northeast, you may want to consider traveling to Toronto, Canada. It's just a short trip across the border, and the city itself offers numerous attractions that travelers with a baby can enjoy. High Park is especially popular thanks to its serene atmosphere and stroller-friendly walkways. You can also explore waterfront trails on Centre Island.

4. Experience oceanfront bliss in Seaside

Florida's Emerald Coast is a popular destination for all sorts of travelers, but when you're planning a road trip with a baby, you may want to favor the town of Seaside. Here, you'll find calm and serene beaches with turquoise waters that are safe enough to bring your tot into. There's not much of a party scene here, unlike other Emerald Coast destinations, so it's a good place to relax.

5. Trek the mountain paths in Vail

Colorado is known for its mountain adventures, and both you and your baby can enjoy the community of Vail. Not only do most ski attractions here offer child care services, but you can also venture out with your baby on some of the shorter beginner hiking trails in the area. Plus, there are playgrounds and designated safe-play areas all throughout the town.

6. Escape to wine country with a trip to Sonoma

Wine country may not be your first thought when embarking on a road trip with a baby, but Sonoma offers a special kind of experience that everyone can enjoy. While it features plenty of orchards and vineyards, there's something remarkably relaxing and serene about its expansive farmlands and vibrant green hills. Plus, all the attractions, from restaurants to wineries, are quiet enough for the little tyke to sleep.

7. Relax with a road trip to Carlsbad

If you're looking for a road trip destination that lets you finally relax, Carlsbad, California, may just be the perfect place to go. It's a spa town for the most part, with golf courses, tennis courts, and hiking paths. As for your little ones, several nurseries are available throughout the area that will keep your baby happy while you relax comfortably and take a much-needed break.

8. Explore the scenic landscape of Mackinac Island

If your road trip with a baby takes you to Michigan, consider stopping by Mackinac Island. There's hardly any traffic along its cobblestone streets, so you can enjoy a relaxing walk with your baby without worry. Just keep in mind that cars aren't allowed, so be prepared to walk, ride a bike, or take a horse-drawn carriage to the island and explore.

9. Take it easy with a trip to Highgate Springs

Highgate Springs, Vermont, may just be the ultimate family destination if you're looking for a relaxing road trip stop. All sorts of activities are available, including some that babies can enjoy like walking paths on the shores of Lake Champlain and a craft studio where kids can express themselves with art.

10. Explore the farms of Durham

Sometimes it's nice to get away from the big city. Few places let you escape all that hustle and bustle quite like Durham, New York. It's largely a rural farming community, so when you bring your little tyke here, they can enjoy getting up close with farm animals and give them some petting. Plus, the farm-fresh food is something any parent can enjoy.