The city of Dallas is filled with so much to see and do, from museums to incredible parks, but sometimes you need to experience something else for a while. Fortunately, Dallas' convenient location in Texas makes it easy for residents to explore incredible nearby destinations as long as they have a car. Here are the top 10 best road trips from Dallas.

1. Venture to the resort city of Galveston

Driving time from Dallas: 4 hours Distance from Dallas: 280 miles

You'll find Galveston, Texas, on the Gulf Coast, so your road trip from Dallas will have to take you south. The city is located on an island, so it offers a unique experience in a state more widely known for its wide-open plains. Within the town itself, you can enjoy the "Playground of the South" with amusement parks, theaters, and restaurants, especially around Pleasure Pier.

2. Find summer fun in McCurtain County

Driving time from Dallas: 3 hours Distance from Dallas: 170 miles

If you're looking for summer fun at the end of your road trip from Dallas, McCurtain County in Oklahoma may be one of the best destinations available, especially if you're looking for aquatic activities. There are numerous lakes and rivers throughout the area that are perfect for swimming and boating along with more intense experiences like kayaking and snorkeling.

3. Discover outdoor adventure at Lake Travis

Driving time from Dallas: 3 hours Distance from Dallas: 190 miles

When your road trip from Dallas takes you to Lake Travis, you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. The lake itself is perfect for swimming and boating, and you can even find quite a few fishing spots. Scuba diving is also available here, and the surrounding area features numerous trails and zip lines.

4. Venture into wine country in Fredericksburg

Driving time from Dallas: 4 hours Distance from Dallas: 240 miles

The town of Fredericksburg is in the heart of Texas wine country, so it's a premier destination for any road trip from Dallas for those looking to enjoy scenic vineyards and satisfying tastings. The town also has a distinctive German heritage that shines throughout the local culture, especially during Oktoberfest.

5. Hit up the Big Easy in New Orleans

Driving time from Dallas: 7.5 hours Distance from Dallas: 500 miles

There's nothing quite like the city of New Orleans. Its unique French and Cajun culture offers unforgettable experiences whether you're looking for new food, impressive art, or live performances. Art and culture go hand in hand here, so it's not uncommon for you to run into a painter on the street or a musician plucking away on their 6-string on the corner.

6. Enjoy the easy life in Henderson

Driving time from Dallas: 17.5 hours Distance from Dallas: 1200 miles

Located just a few miles outside of Vegas, the town of Henderson, Nevada, is frequently considered one of the best and safest places to live. Visitors can enjoy that tranquility as well with a trip to one of the city's shopping malls or casinos. There's also an outdoor amphitheater here that hosts exciting events you can't find anywhere else in the state.

7. Relax with a road trip to Hot Springs

Driving time from Dallas: 4.5 hours Distance from Dallas: 280 miles

Hot Springs is a resort city in Arkansas that is considered to be one of the first resort towns in the country. When you visit today, you can enjoy a wide variety of experiences including nature-oriented trips to Lake Hamilton or the sights and sounds of the vibrant culture in town. You can even visit an alligator petting zoo here.

8. Find family fun on South Padre Island

Driving time from Dallas: 8 hours Distance from Dallas: 560 miles

When your road trip from Dallas takes you to South Padre Island, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities suitable for the whole family. There are numerous water parks as well as sandy beaches with safe swimming conditions for kids. Don't miss out on the local restaurant scene as well, as you'll find budget-friendly and fine-dining options available in equal measure.

9. Journey through the shores of Port Aransas

Driving time from Dallas: 6.5 hours Distance from Dallas: 390 miles

The Texas Coast has seemingly endless adventures to offer, and Port Aransas may just be its crowning feature. With 18 miles of shoreline and spacious sandy beaches, the whole family can relax by the Gulf. Not only can you enjoy a bit of swimming, but fishing, parasailing, and kayaking are popular as well. You'll even find the only links-style golf course in Texas here.

10. Immerse yourself in German culture in New Braunfels

Driving time from Dallas: 3.5 hours Distance from Dallas: 200 miles

If your road trip from Dallas takes you down to New Braunfels, you can enjoy a uniquely German experience. This heritage is on display at events such as Wurstfest and Wassailfest, but that's just the beginning. You can also enjoy tubing adventures down the Comal and Guadalupe rivers, especially if you're visiting in the summer.