New York City offers so many things to do that you can virtually never run out of new attractions to explore. Sometimes, however, it's nice to simply get away from the big city and explore the surrounding area for new kinds of adventures. If you have a car, you'll find yourself well within distance of a wide variety of locales perfect for your next adventure. Here are the top 10 destinations for a road trip from NYC.

1. Embrace seaside comforts in The Hamptons

Driving time from NYC: 2 hours Distance from NYC: 90 miles

Everyone in NYC has probably already heard of The Hamptons. They're located on the eastern edge of Long Island less than 100 miles away and offer an unforgettable seaside resort experience. You'll find sandy beaches and several different communities that are popular with artists and crafters, and you can find numerous works available to view and purchase.

2. Explore the outdoors in Ulster County

Driving time from NYC: 2.5 hours Distance from NYC: 100 miles

If you're looking for outdoor adventure, your road trip from NYC should take you north to Ulster County. There, you'll find a large portion of Catskill Park that offers incredible views of the surrounding reservoirs and grasslands. The view of the Ashokan Reservoir from Wittenberg is especially alluring, though you'll also find plenty of hiking and biking trails around the Shawangunk Mountains.

3. Visit the coast at Cape Cod

Driving time from NYC: 4.5 hours Distance from NYC: 250 miles

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is one of the top destinations if you want your road trip from NYC to take you to the coast. In this area, you'll find incredible boating and fishing opportunities as well as delicious seafood restaurants. Even the kids can have fun with activities like go-karting and local arcades. Just don't forget to try to spot some whales while you're here.

4. Relax in scenic natural bliss in the Pocono Mountains

Driving time from NYC: 2 hours Distance from NYC: 100 miles

The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania are known for their breathtaking views and extensive natural features. You'll find wide-open lakes perfect for fishing and boating along with winding mountain trails for hiking and biking with enough variety for all skill levels. The local towns have distinctive charm as well, with some even offering fun water parks and adventure courses.

5. Scale the Catskills mountain range

Driving time from NYC: 2.5 hours Distance from NYC: 120 miles

Catskill is home to a breathtaking mountain range covered in vibrant greenery that stretches well beyond the horizon. Twin Mountain in the northern Catskills is especially popular because you can see a wide variety of peaks in the distance. Of course, you'll have to scale Slide Mountain if you want to reach the tallest point of the range at 4,180 feet.

6. Experience refined activities in Columbia County

Driving time from NYC: 2.5 hours Distance from NYC: 130 miles

If you're looking for a more refined experience, Columbia County may be your best bet. There's a wide variety of activities to enjoy, but they all seem to have an elegant twist. The theater performances are particularly impressive, but you can also go on a fascinating historical tour of the area or enjoy a tasting at one of the local vineyards or distilleries.

7. Embrace the vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere of Berkshire County

Driving time from NYC: 3 hours Distance from NYC: 150 miles

Known locally as the Berkshires, Berkshire County in Massachusetts is home to a unique experience that serves as a strong contrast to the hustle and bustle of NYC. The county is far from isolated, yet the atmosphere is notably serene and peaceful. When here, you can enjoy vibrant natural environments alongside charming small towns that seem to offer a unique experience for every season.

8. Find beachfront fun at the Jersey Shore

Driving time from NYC: 1.5 hours Distance from NYC: 80 miles

The Jersey Shore has been one of the most popular destinations for road trips from NYC for decades, and that's no accident. The area consists of nearly 141 miles of oceanfront beaches you can enjoy, but that's just the beginning. The boardwalks throughout the region offer additional attractions like seafood restaurants, arcades, and even amusement parks with roller coasters.

9. Embrace the arts in Nantucket

Driving time from NYC: 6.5 hours Distance from NYC: 280 miles

Though Nantucket, Massachusetts, is an island, it's still possible to get there on a road trip from NYC. All you have to do is take your car for a ride on the ferry. Once you arrive, a culture rich in artistic wonder lies in wait with numerous galleries throughout the area. The reason art became so popular in the first place is due to the sheer beauty and comforting simplicity of the area that you can still enjoy today.

10. Relax stress-free in Windsor County

Driving time from NYC: 4.5 hours Distance from NYC: 250 miles

Located in southern Vermont, Windsor County offers a quaint and relaxing experience that's rare in the city, so it's an ideal destination for a road trip from NYC. The towns in the area are quaint and relaxing, allowing you to enjoy their historical value and fun craft shops with ease. The surrounding natural features are impressive as well, with plenty of opportunities for serene hikes and bike rides.